Coral Cash Slots

How much Coral Cash would you like to net today? Two references to an underwater world there in the words coral and net, so we reckon we’ve revealed the theme to you already. However, there’s plenty more to find yet, so let’s go on a trip together to find out what’s lying in wait in this watery slot game.

Developer details

You can count on the experience and appeal in all Wager Gaming titles to appear once again here, as we find they’re behind this slot game.

Don’t worry, you can try the game first if you’re unsure

Whenever you’re ready for some slot game action, it’s best to try a game first to find out what it’s about. You can do this with Coral Cash, thankfully.

Diving to the deep for this theme

We do see some elements on the surface of the water too, most notably a woman wading in the shallows. However, there are some fine elements here that you will find underwater too.

How good is the design?

It’s a fantastic one, offering colorful fish, dolphins, and starfish among other icons on the reels. The background shows light filtering through the water, with seahorses and coral all around. Well, they had to get some coral in there somewhere, right?

How to play the Coral Cash online slot game

The game has five reels available, but there is no progressive prize anywhere. You’ll get two important symbols to watch for though, and the first is the woman we mentioned a while back. She’s the substitute, offering the power to replace everything except the scatter. This, as you might guess, is the coral icon.

How many lines are there in Coral Cash slots?

The game has 25 paylines to bet on, and you can see how they’re arranged by looking at the paytable.

How much does it cost to play?

Coral Cash costs nothing in demo mode, but if you want to try for some real prizes, you’ll need to break out the real coins. Fortunately, these start from just a penny per line, going up to a maximum of $10 per line. Those values, along with many others between them, should give most players a chance to find a suitable wager.

Where is the paytable?

Look for the cog in the bottom right of your screen. Once you’ve seen it, select it and you will see a clear link through to the paytable.

What about a bonus round?

Coral Cash does not include one of these.

How to reel in some free spins

This has an unusual trigger because you need to find the wild on the first reel and the scatter on the fifth on the same spin. This will bring you 15 free games with a generous 3x multiplier applied whenever you score a prize.

No RTP available in the paytable

This is where you’d usually expect to find it, but it didn’t show up in Coral Cash.

Our rating: Did we like the Coral Cash game?

We did, and it does look cute and colorful. The graphics do date the game a bit, but they’re easy on the eye and the theme works well. We’d rate it at 7/10.

How much is the biggest prize worth?

Some Wager Gaming titles have impressive top prizes, and this is another cool example to illustrate this. In this case, finding five wilds on a paid line would deliver 8,000x your bet.

Would you take this for a practice spin?

It feels nice to play, with smooth controls and a straightforward approach that supplies some neat features throughout. We enjoyed it, and it’s good to try for a while before deciding whether to switch to real play.

Is it an affordable one to play for real?

Coral Cash does start from the penny value per line, so that means playing a quarter if you do select all the lines, which we suggest you do.

Can you find this in mobile casinos?

Check each one you find that has this game, just to be sure whether you can try it on their mobile site too.