Get to Know the Rich Chinese Culture with 8 Lucky Charms Slots

Are you in the possession of some lucky charms, and do you want to collect more of them in combination with lucrative winnings? Then you should definitely make an online journey to the Chinese fantasy ream in 8 Lucky Charms Slots. You are welcome to explore the ancient and mysterious Chinese culture in this slot title from casino game developer Spinomenal. It is going to be a fascinating experience, and when you use the right lucky charms that show up on the reels, you might end up with a bag of money that you can bring back home.

The Customer Friendly Game play

8 Lucky Charms Slots is a great 5 reel and 50 pay lines slot title that functions as an homage to the culturally rich Chinese civilization and all of its recognizable symbols. Simple but effective graphics are matched with customer friendly game elements, and that makes this title a perfect choice for many enjoyable online slot game sessions.

Some of the customer friendly features are for example the auto play button and the fast play button. Use the auto play button in combination with bets that range from a minimum of $0.01 to a maximum of $10 per pay line, and sit back to watch the uninterrupted gambling action unfold on the slot reels.

The Peaceful and Characteristic Design of the Game

The color red really stands out in this game, and that is an obvious design choice, because it represents prosperity according to the Chinese people. Gold is also a dominant color in this game, which of course is always pleasing to the eyes in a slot title. The game further enhances the Chinese atmosphere with images of temples and the traditional background music that sounds very peaceful and calm. It strengthens your focus so that you can fully concentrate on collecting those winnings.

Three Sets of Lucrative Symbols

There are many typical Chinese symbols in this game, and they are divided into three categories. This slot title boasts eight basis icons, which is most likely the reason why the game developers came up with the name 8 Lucky Charms Slots.

These basic symbols or charms are divided into two payout categories. The lower paying attributes are represented by standard playing card symbols, which are the ace, the king, the queen and the jack. These red colored symbols are nicely designed in a Chinese calligraphy style. They might have a lower payout, but they also show up more frequently, which gives you the opportunity to generously profit from them.

The second set of symbols are a bit more exotic. This set consists of the empress, the emperor, the turtle and the golden coin. These attributes appear less frequently on the slot reels, but they provide higher payouts than the other set of symbols. Make sure that you collect these icons, because the winnings are worth the spinning efforts.

The beautifully designed and animated bonus icons are the best symbols in the game. They can be easily recognized, because they bare the titles of "wild", "bonus" and "free spins".

The first important symbol is the tiger. This beautiful and powerful animal is the wild. Therefore, it works as a replacement icon for other basic attributes in the game. Use it to complete your winning combinations and admire the animation that lets the tiger transform into a dragon. You are lucky when this dragon shows its face on the third slot reel when a free spins session is active, because then it expands its presence over the whole reel.

The second bonus symbol is the lucky cat that hands out free spins. You need to collect this symbol at least three times to trigger the free games and their accompanying multipliers. Once the free games round becomes active, you have the opportunity to choose between various free spin and multiplier combinations.

The third bonus attribute is the yin-yang icon, and that one will lead you to a lucrative bonus game. In this game, you need to flip three coins that have the same color. Nice cash prizes will be your reward if you succeed.

Do You Have The Lucky Charms That Increase Your Winning Odds?

8 Lucky Charms Slots is a user friendly game that boasts a rich filling of bonus elements. The end result is a well-designed slot title that manages to give you a fun and efficient gambling experience. Try it out for free in any of you favorite Spinomenal powered casinos, and play for real money if you feel that you have the proper lucky charms and the gambling skills to collect those big cash prizes.