2 Million B.C. Slots

Travel back in time and meet a comical caveman who wants to make you rich. The game features funky drum music and realistic grunts and groans as he stands at the side ready to see you earn some cash. The caveman is a riot as he dances after your wins or deals with his girl in a time of crisis.

There are 30 paylines in 2 Million B.C. slots. This larger number helps make it easier to win, even if it is one of the lower prizes. Bonus features include free spins, an interactive Sabertooth tiger bonus game, and the Diamond bonus. Both games are helpful when it comes to gaining a substantial amount of cash.

2 Million B.C. Slots Symbols and Payouts

The bottom of the paytable isn't too bad. Rubies, prehistoric pottery, caveman art, and the cavegirl's necklace provide payouts if you get at least three matches on an active payline. Prizes range from 50 coins to 625. The other symbols need at least two matches in order to earn a prize. They range from the club (10 to 750 coins) to the cavegirl (150 to 2,500 coins). Symbols include prehistoric insects, stone towers, stone wheels, and sabertooth tigers.

The three symbols you'll want to see include the acorn, the fire, and the diamond. Each of these symbols lead to the trio of bonus games that make it possible to win a ton of cash.

Prehistoric Bonus Games

When at least three fires appear on the five reels, you win a minimum of four bonus spins. It's possible to win additional free spins during the free spin bonus. Each time you win some free spins, an acorn appears. The prehistoric insect collects them for you.

When you've gathered three acorns, your caveman climbs to the top of the screen and watches as the sabertooth enters his domain. This Rock Drop bonus requires timing. When you believe your acorn will hit the tiger, click to throw it. The goal is to knock the tiger out. If you do, you win some cash.

Three or more diamonds on an active payline leads to Diamond Bonus. This interactive game is one of chance. When the caveman's woman comes running, he hears her story of the sabertooth tiger stealing her diamond. He rushes off to retrieve the stolen diamond. On the next screen, you have a choice of sneaking,

Earn Extra Cash with Promotional Offers

Before you play 2 Million B.C. slots take advantage of any current promotions. Most casinos offer bonuses for your first deposit, and many provide reload bonuses. These offers help turn your small deposit into a pretty substantial one.