Gladiator's Gold Slots

Gold isn't exactly hard to find when you're searching for some promising slots to play. However, it's not often you come across some Gladiator's Gold. So, is this online slot game going to be a winner for you? Find out what we gleaned from a few spins of this game.

Developer info

This is an earlier entry into the ever-growing collection that hails from Wager Gaming.

Is there a demo to try first?

Yes, and we suggest you use it if you get the chance.

We figure you've worked out the theme

Yes, it is about a gladiator, so you'll see other aspects of the Roman Empire striding into view as well in this slot.

Don't expect a modern and shiny design

We did mention this was an older game, so expect some more basic graphics in action too.

Basic features in the Gladiator's Gold slot

Firstly, we have five reels in action, each offering three symbols to look for when the spinning stops. You won't find any progressives in the game, although there are some decent prizes inside the paytable.

The game keeps things on a simple level elsewhere too, as there are no special icons to look for. No wilds to help improve the prize potential, and no scatters either.

How many lines does the game offer?

Just five, which does come as a surprise given the reel set.

Expect the usual Wager Gaming coin range

If you know your Wager Gaming slots, you'll now know these go from a penny up to $10 each in terms of coins.

Make sure you check the paytable

This confirms the fact that you're playing for regular prizes here, without the assistance of wilds.

Bonus features in Gladiator's Gold

Did you guess this slot comes up empty on this topic? With no special icons around, there were never going to be any bonuses here.

Free spins don't show up either

Nothing surprising there, given what we already know about the game.

RTP facts

The only fact we can confirm here is that we could not find a value for the return to player percentage for this slot game.

Our rating for Gladiator's Gold

This is a basic slot, especially for a five-reel one. It's a 5/10 game for us, as there are just five lines and no special elements to look for.

What's the winning potential in Gladiator's Gold?

Look out for five helmets landing on the same line. If you manage to achieve this, you'll receive 1,000x your bet for that line.

Demo game action

This is ideal to try as a practice game to see if you like it. There are other slots from Wager Gaming that do include more features, so it's best to experiment first.

Will you change over to the real game?

You'll know for sure once you've checked out the demo.

It's unlikely you'll find a mobile version

This slot game is one of the earliest examples of a five-reel slot from this developer. As such, we don't think you'll be able to use touchscreen controls on your smartphone with this one.