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As with any product in the world, you’ll find plenty of competition and this is no different with online slots. This is nothing but great news for online slots fans as each slots provider strives to be the best, offering the latest features, functions and better visual effects that improve the standard and the quality their offering.

Top 5 Wager Gaming Technology Slots

Wager Gaming Technology is occasionally known as WGS, but whichever way you refer to this software developer, you’ll certainly agree they’ve produced some incredible slots over recent years. That pedigree shows no signs of changing either. You can expect to have plenty of enjoyment whenever you choose a Wager Gaming slot to play. They’ve got three reels, five reels, lots of themes, bonuses… you name it, you can expect to find it in the Wager Gaming Technology slot game collection.


Top 5 Real Time Gaming Technology Slots

Real Time Gaming offers real slots everyone seems to enjoy. You might also know them as RTG, since their logo bears these letters and is attached to many popular slot games. There are some incredible new titles in their collection too. RTG has become known for pushing the boundaries of what you might expect to see in a slot game. We’ve even seen a couple of new games that aren’t quite slot games at all… yet they still feature some familiar elements we think you will have seen before. They certainly know how to buck a trend and keep people engaged.


Top 5 Betsoft Slots

Betsoft is arguably king of the 3D slot. You will find lots of these in their back catalog of games. Moreover, you can expect slots with a story, since many of them do feature a story to enjoy. If you want to play a slot that has more depth, scope, and character than many others – one that doesn’t feel flat or basic – the Betsoft brand is the one to explore. With countless ways to enjoy games from Betsoft, you can count on being able to find a slot that isn’t just a slot – it’s an experience. It might also be one you’ll want to go back to repeatedly.


Top 5 Genesis Gaming Slots

Genesis Gaming slots have a look you’ll begin to recognize when you start to play them. That’s not a bad thing, either – the paytable will be laid out in much the same way for each game, making it easy to access whatever information you need. Their games are also based on numerous diverse themes, so finding one that connects with whatever you’re looking to play shouldn’t be difficult. Genesis Gaming is fast becoming a bigger and better provider too, with new games reaching beyond the boundaries set by the older ones. Get ready for some big new releases too.


Top 5 Arrow's Edge Slots

Arrows Edge is a master of the 2D slot game format. While many other providers have gone into 3D games, Arrows Edge has made their name in creating some complex and involved 2D games. With five reels present in many of their games, there is plenty of scope for interesting themes to be explored. Don’t assume all their games are much the same either – nothing could be further from the truth. You can expect to get some great themes here and fascinating characters too. Throw in lots of unusual bonuses and features and it soon becomes clear Arrows Edge is a smart choice when you’re looking for something different to play.


Top 5 Rival Slots

Rival Gaming does indeed live up to its name by rivaling many other slot game developers. Is it the best of the lot? Only you can decide, but its collection of slots reaches into high figures. It also includes the famous i-Slots, available only in the Rival collection. You can find plenty of those to try whenever you’re in the mood for them. Aside from those, there are games with just three reels and those with five, so whichever version of a slot game you prefer, the Rival collection has lots of entertainment to share with you.


Top 5 WMS Slots

Are WMS slots more your thing? We guess it depends on what you expect to get out of a slot game. However, the WMS collection contains some impressive imagery, titles, and other features we think most players will appreciate. Each game is only brought to market after lots of development and planning, meaning you only get to see it when it is ready to play and enjoy. With themes ranging from the familiar to the unusual, WMS does deliver whenever it promises a new slot to play.


Top 5 Nuworks Slots

Nuworks is one of the less well-known software developers around today. However, the team is still hard at work creating new slots for us to try. They’ve done well to develop many entertaining ones too, with numerous features to check out and lots of reels to spin. You might notice some themes here that rarely – if ever – pop up too. We’ll leave you to spot those in their collection. Playing the top five slots from their range is a great introduction to Nuworks though, and we’d encourage you to check them out now if you can.


Top 5 Pragmatic Play Slots

The Pragmatic Play slots team certainly isn’t afraid of color. All their games offer a stunning range of colors throughout, from the opening image right through to any bonuses or free spins on offer. You can always count on this company to provide you with a stunning slot game that makes the best of sharp imagery that is packed with detail. Even their three-reel slots look far more impressive than many of those offered by the competition. You will see how true this is when you try some of their top games today.


Top 5 Playtech Slots

Could Playtech be among the most famous software developers around in the slot world today? We think so, and there are very good reasons for thinking that too. They have some great series of games that regularly see new titles added to the collection. They also produce standalone slots on great themes that seem to appeal to many different players. With countless titles taking us everywhere throughout history and beyond, Playtech never releases a game that proves to be disappointing. That alone is reason enough to start playing some of their games.


Top 5 Microgaming Slots

Does Microgaming have one of the biggest slot collections around? With hundreds of titles to their name, developed over the space of several years, Microgaming has come a long way. It continues to develop and advance too, giving us lots of reasons to look forward to playing one of their games. You’ll find some famous names, brands, and characters in some of their games, while others are unique and innovative. In fact, innovation plays a strong role in most of their slot games, hence why so many players head for Microgaming casinos.


Top 5 NetEnt Slots

NetEnt began life as Net Entertainment, and they’ve certainly got the entertainment part sorted out. Their vast collection of slot games reaches into every conceivable area, offering superb entertainment in all forms. They were also the creators of the cluster pays slots, and you’ll find a few of those in their collection too. From ancient to modern worlds, from monsters to fairy tale characters, their games reach into all areas and offer superb quality graphics and features to enjoy every day.


Top 5 888 Slots

Was 888 the first name you thought of when you were thinking about slot game developers? We doubt it, and yet 888 is a major brand in the business. No doubt you have probably already tried some of their games without even realizing it. The brand is well developed and has put its name to many successful slots thus far. We’ve spotted slots in their collection that give you a chance to try a new theme or two as well – something that might seem impossible today. 888 proves nothing could be further from the truth.


Top 5 Cryptologic Slots

Cryptologic slots provide gamers with a chance to dive into some well-known arenas. Some of their slots are based around famous characters with a large audience, thereby guaranteeing their success. While it would be impossible to find a software developer whose slots are always big hits, Cryptologic has managed to produce several games that are just as popular today as they were upon the day of release.


Online Casino Software Providers

Which software providers are your favorites? Many slot game developers also provide software the casinos can use to present players with a good array of games. If you prefer playing games from one provider over all others, it makes sense to search for a casino that uses software from that provider. Alternatively, make sure you find one that has games from numerous providers, including from your favorites. Getting as diverse a collection as possible is the best idea. You will soon see what is involved when you play these games.


Software News

There is always something to read about in the world of online casinos and slot games. Lots of software companies are developing new ideas and themes even as you read this. We might think we have seen all there is to see in the world of slots, but nothing could be further from the truth. Which software company will create the latest innovations, we wonder? We are waiting to find out the answer to that one, but we will have the latest news for you right here.


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