Win Place or Show Slots

Some readers might already have an idea of what to expect from a slot with this title. If you’re wondering what you’re missing, relax… we are about to reveal all. Win Place or Show does grab your attention, but does it manage that in the best way? Let’s see what we can find out.

Developer name revealed…

And in this case, we can reveal the name Wager Gaming.

Can you find a demo for this slot game?

This may be trickier than you’d suppose because the game has a progressive jackpot involved. We have noticed that slots from Wager Gaming tend not to offer demos when they have a progressive to go for. We assume it is going to be the same for this one as well.

More about the theme for Win Place or Show

This is a term given to a type of wager placed on a horse race. You know what the win part means, but what about place or show? The place bet is given to a horse finishing in first or second, while the show covers all the top three finishing spots.

Benefiting from a superbly bright design

You’ll feel all the excitement from the racetrack in this game. The background shows the track in almost photographic detail. You’ve then got greenery surrounding the paytable, the reels situated below that, and the title sparkling on the left of your screen. All very good!

How to play Win Place or Show

The bets are slightly easier here compared to the actual horse racing options you might have in front of you. Firstly, there are just three reels in play. Secondly, we did mention a jackpot, and this appears at the top of the screen. There are no special symbols here either, so you’re limited to the ones landing on the paytable. These include horseshoes, trophies, and cherries. You also get the bar and seven symbols.

How many lines can you bet on?

This horse racing-themed game has just one to cover.

Place your bets on the race to come

You can bet just one coin value on the Win Place or Show slot game. This is worth 50 cents, which does help to boost the jackpot amount more quickly. You can still choose one, two, or three of those coins on each spin though. It’s worth being aware that to be in with a chance of that jackpot, you do need to play three coins.

It’s easy to see the paytable

It always appears above the reels, so you can glance at it whenever you wish.

No bonuses in this game

With no special icons available or mentioned above, you might have worked this out already.

Free spins don’t feature in the action either

This is a basic slot in many ways, although it does have an unusual theme and of course we get the jackpot opportunity as well.

RTP details

Wager Gaming hasn’t added the details to the game, although the progressive is likely to pull down the value for the main game. Adding the progressive should make it more appealing overall. We don’t have an exact figure though.

Our rating for Win Place or Show slots

The game is great for horse racing fans, especially those who love three-reel slots as well. We’re ranking it as a 6/10 game, mostly because of its simplicity but also because of its expensive nature. This is far from being a penny slot, for sure.

How much could the progressive jackpot be worth?

It’s impossible to tell, as it depends how often the jackpot hits. However, we’ve often seen the value climb into five figures.

A tricky one to play as a demo

It doesn’t appear that a demo is available for this slot game.

Is this ideal for you to play for real?

Only you will know the answer to this, based on your usual betting range and whether you can bet more for a chance at that jackpot. It will be a slim chance though, so keep that in mind.

Mobile action with Win Place or Show

We couldn’t find a mobile version of this game, but if you do see it at an online casino, you can check the mobile alternative for that site to know for sure.