Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

Allow us to introduce you to a powerful slot game title… Ultimate 10x Wild. Is it as good as it sounds, you might wonder? There is but one way to find out…

Do you know the developer?

It’s the one with the Wild X series of games under its belt – of which this is one. It’s WGS, of course.

Don’t miss out on the demo

You can read our review to get a better idea of what to expect, but it makes sense to check out the game itself too – and you can do it in demonstration mode first.

Does this slot have a theme?

Most slots do, but we guess this theme is a multiplier theme of sorts. You could also say it is based on a classic slot theme.

The design is basic enough

Yet it still manages to be colorful. The sharp imagery makes it a fiery game to play – as does the image of flames in the background.

Finding out more about Ultimate 10x Wild

The slot has three reels and a progressive jackpot. This appears above those reels. It must trigger before it hits $25k too, so the closer it gets, the more likely it is to drop.

There are two important icons based on game logos. The first is 10x and the second is 3x. The values are shown inside oval logos. They each act as wilds and will sub in for everything else. They also multiply by the value shown when helping you towards a prize. And better still, they work with each other. Find two 10x wilds in a line and that adds a 100x multiplier onto whatever you’ve won.

How many paylines?

Just the one.

Plenty of ways to wager

The coins go from a mere cent apiece to five dollars. You can also think about wagering one, two, or three coins on the single line.

The paytable appears above the reels

There are two sections to it, so you can toggle between them as required.

No bonus other than the progressive jackpot

Watch out for that and hope this could be your big day…

No free spins available

This is quite normal for a small slot like this. It does treat you to those big multiplier possibilities though.

RTP info

It looks to be over 96% according to the details we’ve found.

Our rating for the Ultimate 10x Wild online slot game

Is this the best slot we have ever found? It’s one of the best three-reel ones, for sure, which is why we’re rating this at 8 out of 10.

Progressive jackpot winners are part of the game

No one knows when the pot will drop next, but if you play for real you’ve got as much chance as anyone else to get it. We can only hope that might be what happens…

Play the practice version to see if you like it

Even if you don’t usually play three-reel games, we think you might make an exception for this one.

Play for real at casinos offering the Wild X series from WGS

There are several good ones around, so look out for them if you can.

Play on mobile too if you’re keen

If you would rather play anywhere, check out the mobile version of this slot today.