Swept Away Slots

Hmm, what does the title Swept Away make you think of? For some reason, we’re thinking about dodgy plumbing, but the theme in play in this online slot game is very different to that!

If you’re curious to try this one, especially if you’ve never heard the title before, sit tight. We have already checked it out and we’re bringing you answers to all the questions we think you’ll have right here.

Who came up with the idea for Swept Away?

We cannot name the person, of course, but we can name the team at Wager Gaming to answer this question.

What about a demo game?

You can play the practice version of the slot first if you wish, and we think this is the ideal way to see how everything works.

What does the theme revolve around?

Well, it isn’t plumbing, so we were wrong about that. Instead, we find ourselves on a desert island, or at least playing a game that revolves around that subject.

Does this slot have an excellent design?

It does enough to support the theme, for sure, with sand and water featuring as a basic backdrop to the reels. You’ll find some relevant symbols on those reels as well, giving you the chance to explore lots of possibilities as you play.

How to play the Swept Away slot game

Firstly, we should reveal that the game only has three reels, albeit large ones. You can expect a wild to assist you during the game, though. This appears as the game logo, in an oval shape, so you’ll easily see it whenever it lands. Prizes are paid for just one wild arriving on the reels, and they don’t even need to land on the actual line either.

You can work out the paylines now, we’re sure

Or should we say payline? There is just one to play on, after all. It’s easy to tell we have no progressive jackpot prize here, although the paytable does reveal how much the fixed jackpot is worth.

You’ll get the usual betting range from Wager Gaming here

As you might be aware if you’ve played other games from this developer, this range goes from a cent to $10 per coin. While you only have one payline to bet on, you can bet one, two, or three coins on that line on each spin.

No problem spotting the paytable

This appears to the right of your screen, so you get all the information you need in view all the time.

Is there a bonus on this desert island?

No, unless you include the fact the wild pays whenever it shows up, even if this is above or below the payline.

Free spins don’t feature here either

Swept Away is a basic three-reel game that does not offer extras like this, unfortunately.

RTP details did not appear with the game

If our research brings us a firm figure to share with you, we’ll do so here.

Our rating for the Swept Away slot game

This is a strong slot given its size, and we believe a score of seven out of 10 would be ideal here.

What are the prizes like?

As with all other slots that allow you to choose how many coins you want to play on each spin, the coin quantity also affects the size of the prize. Three logos is the best outcome if they all land on the payline. The biggest prize for this is 4,000x your bet if you played three coins at the time. Remember that those coins can be worth the minimum of a penny each, too, which might be worth doing.

Demo play introduces you to the Swept Away slot game

You can use the practice coins in the demo game to take this one for a spin if you wish. We would advise this as the starting point.

You’ll then know whether you want to play the real version

Swept Away is a fine game, and affordable to play from a penny per go if you play for real, too.

Does this one appear at mobile Wager Gaming casinos?

Check and see, but its age could mean it doesn’t. You can still spot it at online casinos played via a regular computer though.