Pinata Fiesta Slots

Pinatas crop up at plenty of parties, and since a fiesta is a celebration, you can see how well those two elements slot together. And speaking of slots… that tenuous link takes us to the Pinata Fiesta slot game, ready for us to review below. Come with us and see what you can find out.

Who came up with this celebratory slot game idea?

This is a Wager Gaming slot. They’ve gone via a few other names over the years, and you may also know them by the initials WGS.

Look out for the demo game first

The demo is ideal for those who are unsure whether the Pinata Fiesta slot is just right for them. It means you can use demo coins instead of going into it with real bets.

Have you worked out the theme yet?

We bet you have – it’s a fiesta theme with pinatas involved in the celebrations, of course.

A classic slot machine design

What do we mean when we say classic? Simply that it takes on the appearance of a one-armed bandit machine, the kind you’d see in lots of real casinos. It looks cool and means you get all the info you need on one screen.

How to play Pinata Fiesta slots

Here we go, then – and if you hadn’t guessed, this is a three-reel slot game. There is one vital symbol to try and find on the reels with each spin, and that’s the sombrero. Wager Gaming gives us this icon as a wild. Get one in a winning line and it doubles the prize; find two and you get four times the standard prize.

Just one payline in this one

The three-reel format suggested it, and we can confirm that here for you.

Place your bets!

We can tell you that each spin can take up to three coins. We can also reveal that the coins range from a penny each up to $10 each, so that ought to fit most budgets.

Find the winning amounts in the paytable

You’ll find that at the top of the screen. Be aware there are separate prize amounts depending on whether you play one, two, or three coins. Make sure you always look at the correct part of the paytable.

Is there a bonus in Pinata Fiesta?

Would you be surprised if we said yes? We bet you would, especially as these slots rarely have them. You need to bet three coins to be in with a chance of seeing this round, and you must find the specific bonus combo to get it. If you reach the round, you’ll be taken onto another screen filled with candy. Yes, this is a candy picking round, so how much is each piece going to be worth?

Free spins won’t appear though

We do get a bonus, so we’re not too concerned about the lack of a free spin feature here.

RTP details for Pinata Fiesta

This is a wonderful game, offering plenty of action and activity. The one element we don’t have to share with you is the return to player value, sadly.

Our rating for this slot game

It’s bigger than you’d think, especially when you consider it has just three reels and a payline. The bonus and wild features give it more scope, and a score from us worth 7/10.

What is the top prize worth?

You need to wager three coins to get access to the most generous part of the paytable. If you do that, you can see the big difference is with the potential top prize. Find three of the wilds on the payline and your prize would be 2,400 coins in that scenario.

Demo play is the perfect way to begin

It is, and we suggest you do this to see how it works.

Decide whether you want to play the real version after

Once you know how Pinata Fiesta works, you can decide if you’d like to spend some of your budget playing the real version. Remember that three coins of any value give you the chance to access the bonus round.

Mobile access for Pinata Fiesta

Check with your favorite Wager Gaming casino to find out whether you can try the game in their mobile casino too.