Pay Dirt Slots

What does Pay Dirt mean? It’s a saying that usually relates to hitting the jackpot or striking gold, so you can see it means you’ve found something that’s worth a fair bit. So, the Pay Dirt slot game holds some potential given the title alone.

And we can tell you that this slot game does offer a jackpot, so let’s get underway and reveal just how sizable that jackpot might be, shall we?

Who created the Pay Dirt slot?

This game is part of the giant collection created by Wager Gaming.

Does it offer a demo version to try first?

You’ll need to check this before you play, as many WGS slots don’t offer demos when they involve a progressive jackpot, as this one does.

What’s the theme?

We guess it would be money, as there is a giant fist holding some dollars as the main image for the game. You can also see the background as a close-up of a dollar bill, so it’s quite striking.

The design works well despite its age

Yes, we were surprised at how striking the game is when we first loaded it. There is a lot more detail than we expected, and it all ties in nicely with the theme.

How to play Pay Dirt slots

The game offers three reels, so all the details you need are on the screen the whole time. The game doesn’t feature any important symbols, so that means no substitutes and no scatters. The only symbol of any importance is the pyramid that contains an eye – you may have seen this on banknotes. This can snag you a prize whenever you find one anywhere in view.

Can you guess the number of paylines?

We guess you’ve probably come up with just one by now, which is correct.

How affordable is this progressive jackpot slot game?

It may prove more of a challenge than others, as it offers just one coin value – a dollar. You can choose to bet one, two, or three coins on the single line in play. We should make it clear that to get even the slimmest of chances to scoop the jackpot, you must bet three coins on each spin.

No need to hunt for the paytable

It appears above the reels throughout the game.

Bonus features in Pay Dirt

We can keep this part quick, as there are none in the game.

You won’t be able to get any free spins either

That’s right, this is a basic slot and one you should be able to get to grips with quickly enough.

RTP details for Pay Dirt

We couldn’t find any clear details on this return to player value.

Our rating: Is Pay Dirt worth playing?

This is far from qualifying as a penny slot. The higher dollar wager doesn’t open the chance to reach the jackpot either. While the odds on getting that are not going to be in your favor, you’d need to bet three dollars a spin to stand a chance. We’re giving this one 6/10 as it’s really only for the bigger bettors.

How big might that progressive become?

It’s impossible to say for sure, but we’ve seen six-figure screenshots from the game on multiple occasions. The bigger bet does mean the jackpot may climb higher more quickly.

Demo play could be tricky here

Wager Gaming slots usually only give demo play when there are no progressives involved. So, you may need to jump in with real bets for this one.

Play for real if you have the budget to do so

Think carefully before you dive in and play this one. You’re looking at a dollar at least per spin, and three times that if you want a chance at the jackpot.

Accessing the game on Android and iOS

This may be tricky as well because it has been around for a while, so Pay Dirt may not land in many mobile casinos.