Marvelous Marlins Slots

If you recognized a marlin as a type of fish, you might be able to work out where the theme of the Marvelous Marlins slot game is going to take us. However, there are a few twists in store with this one, hence why we have put together this full review for you here. You may soon realize there are some appealing features to look out for.

Developer details

The Marvelous Marlins slot game comes from the brains at Wager Gaming.

Expect a demo as well as the real thing

It’s reassuring to find a demo of a slot you’ve never tried before. You’ll get the chance to try this one if you want to.

Is there something fishy about this theme?

Of course, there is… as the marlin takes center stage, swimming behind the title of the game and appearing on the reels as well.

Plenty of blue tones in this design

Blues and sea greens are the basic colors in action in this online slot game. It’s a delight to look at and very calming too, we think.

How to play the Marvelous Marlins slot game

We have a small game here offering just three reels. You’ll see there is no progressive involved, so the fixed jackpot is as high as you could potentially go.

There are no important symbols in the slot, so that means no wild and no scatter. The title suggests that the marlin is most important of all, and in fact this is the only icon that could reel in any prizes for you during the game.

Only one payline in play here

Well… there is just one line marked, but you can see nine symbols in play on each spin. The game does give you a chance to look for prizes above and below that line as well, which is one of the unusual elements involved in this game.

Place your bets fish fans!

The usual range of coins seen in many Wager Gaming slots is present here too. It goes from one cent up to $10 per coin.

Make sure you check out the paytable

It’s an unusual one, but then this is an unusual game. It shows the prizes for any marlins landing on any of the paylines. It also shows how you can play up to five coins per line, and how the prize varies according to that.

No bonus to look for

No use fishing for one of these…

You can’t reel in any free spins either

Enough with the fish jokes, we guess!

RTP for Marvelous Marlins

The return to player here is unknown at the present time.

Our rating: How good is this?

We’ve said this is an unusual game, and since the marlin is the only icon that can reveal any prizes, you can see what we mean. It does make it a fascinating game to play though, and certainly one to receive a score of 7/10.

Prize values are low for this game

This usually suggests a low volatility game. The top prize for playing five coins is 45 coins for each marlin appearing on the top line.

Try this as a demo first

The paytable can look a little confusing to begin with. However, once you begin playing, you’ll see how the prizes work. The demo is the best way to get the hang of it.

Could you play this slot for real?

If you like the theme and you appreciate a different approach to prizes, this could be an enjoyable and affordable game to try for real.

Marvelous Marlins on mobile

It doesn’t look as if you can play this one on Android or iOS at present.