Magical Forest Slots

We’ve seen the inside of a few magic forests in our time reviewing online slots to play. We’ve got another one here for you too, shown to us by Pariplay. As is true of most magical forests, this one comes with the usual fantasy theme. So, you can expect magic potions, freaky tree trunks, and perhaps a witch or two as well.

Question is, what else will you find in this forest… and will there be any coins to be won? Let’s see what we can find out about it.

Reels and lines

There are five reels to spin here, with 25 lines neatly arranged over them all.

Coin values

The smallest bet is a quarter to cover all the lines. Meanwhile, those wanting larger bets to play with can go to a maximum value of $12.50.

Magical Forest special symbols

Brown spiders would freak most people out, but don’t be nervous of finding them in this slot game. This is the bonus symbol. Meanwhile, a horned man appears as the scatter and two ghosts (we think) are shown as the wild card symbol. This wild replaces everything except for the spider and the horned man.

Does the game include special features and bonuses?

While some slot games feature scatters that trigger free spins, this is not one of them. However, you can expect to enter a picking bonus game whenever three or more spiders appear in a spin of the main reels. Just choose from the cocoons you will see on the next screen. In doing so, you will secure multipliers to apply to the triggering bet of that game.

Download Magical Forest today and get ready to play

While this is far from being the most complex game you will ever have seen, you can certainly expect to have some fun while playing it. This magical forest is a quirky place, and you should look out for trolls, fairies, and even some toadstools while you are there. The presentation is very good and draws you into the game while not making it too complex.

In fact, while there are other forests you could venture into while playing online slots, this should be added to your list too. Will this Magical Forest present you with some magical prizes? There is no way to tell, but it could cast its spell on you nonetheless.