Luxury Liners Slots

Who could turn down the chance to look on board a luxury liner? The Luxury Liners slot game does suggest we have a seafaring theme here, but as we go through the various sections of our review, we’ll let you know whether that turns out to be true. Is this a journey you’ll never forget?

More about the developer

The game comes from the minds of those at Wager Gaming, which is a good point to start on.

Expect a demo to experiment with for a bit

This comes preloaded with demo coins, so while there are no prizes inside the game, you can try it without using your own coins.

Does the theme pan out as we thought it might?

Yes, we are looking at a luxury liner as part of the title image, with a suggestion that we may even be on board, looking at the lower part of the game screen and the railing that appears there.

Does this game have a promising design?

Given the slot category this fits into with the available reels, it does have some charm, sure. It’s far from the most detailed slot we have seen, but it’s a pleasant title to check out.

How to play the Luxury Liners slot game

If you hadn’t guessed, this slot offers three reels. It doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot though, so you’re limited to the fixed prizes appearing in the paytable.

We should also tell you that the game doesn’t offer any special icons to hunt for. This means there is no wild involved. The cherries so often seen in three-reel slots do appear though, and you need just one of those to land and you’ll get a prize.

Paylines… or just one line?

Just the one in this case.

Place your bets to stand a chance of sailing away with a prize

It appears that we have a 10-cent minimum for this game, although the upper limit matches that seen in other Wager Gaming slots, which is $10 per coin. You can choose to play a maximum of three coins on the payline.

You won’t struggle to find the paytable

It’s right there next to the set of reels, just over to the right of your screen… and it never disappears.

Bonus features in Luxury Liners

We can keep this superbly short as there are none in the game.

The same goes for free spins

Enough said about that.

RTP details for Luxury Liners

We do not have a firm return to player percentage to share with you here.

Our rating: Is it worth setting sail with this game?

It’s simple enough to play, for sure, so if you want a basic slot that doesn’t resort to fruit and nothing else, this could be worth a try. It’s a basic 6/10 from us.

Top prize details for this slot voyage

Prizes vary depending on the coins played and the combination you find. The liner is the best-paying symbol, and the top prize paid for three coins and three liners is 2,500x your bet.

Play for practice only to begin with

It’s surely the best way to be sure you can find out whether you like this game.

Play for real with cheap coins in Luxury Liners

This is a great game to check out, and with relatively cheap bets available, you can try it in real play whenever you wish.

The voyage won’t be available on mobile

That’s because this is an older slot and doesn’t appear inside mobile-friendly casinos.