Island Hoppers Slots

Do you fancy the idea of hopping from one island to visit another, with a string of them ahead of you to explore? Many of us would love that idea, and maybe that's why this developer came up with the Island Hoppers slot game. Let's see what it holds in store for us here.

Who created it?

Wager Gaming, and they've since come up with countless more slots to play as well.

Did they include a demo?

Yes, so if you spot this game at an online casino, you ought to see a practice version there as well.

Does the title explain the theme?

Yes, this is about traveling from one island to another, so you'll spot some seafaring icons along the way.

What's the design like?

This is a simplistic slot game compared with lots of others, but it still holds plenty of appeal. You also get everything on one screen for convenience.

How do you play the Island Hoppers slot?

There are three reels to spin, hence why they can fit everything on one screen, including the paytable. You won't find anything noteworthy here though - no wilds, no scatters, and no opportunity to play for a bonus or a progressive prize.

Does it have just one line to bet on then?

It does, yes.

How much does it cost to play for real?

You can use coins worth between one cent at $10, as is the case with lots of other slots from this developer. You can decide to play one, two, or three coins with each spin as well.

Can you always see the paytable?

Yes, it appears on the right of your screen as you play.

So, there's no bonus?

No. You should view this as a simple slot game with the smallest reel set, and nothing much else to report.

What about free spins?

There are none of those here either.

What is the RTP value?

This isn't available anywhere in the game.

What's our rating?

We like the look of this slot, but its basic features mean that it wouldn't go above a score of 5.5 out of 10.

What is the best prize worth?

If you get a set of gold wings in every position on the payline, you'll receive the fixed jackpot. This is 1,000x your bet for one coin, 1,500x for two, and 2,000x your bet if you played three coins.

Should you play this one for practice?

We think it is a good idea, as it is the only way you'll know what you really think of Island Hoppers before you begin…

What about playing for real?

If you like the practice version, there is every reason to switch to the real game if you want to. Only you will know whether you'd like to do that.

Can you try Island Hoppers on Android or iOS?

We don't think so, given its age and relative lack of appearances online.