Go For Gold Slots

You’ve got a chance to Go for Gold if you play this online slot game, but as always, it’s crucial to see what’s behind the slot title. We’ve been there and done that already, so if you are eager to see what’s what, come with us for some answers.

Who created the game?

This is a Wager Gaming slot, so their name attached to it bodes well for what is to come.

Demo access supplied

We can confirm you’re able to play this as a demo before you commit to real bets.

Have you figured out the theme for Go for Gold slots?

It’s the Olympics, confirmed by the image of a torch by the game title and as one of the symbols that might appear on the reels.

What’s the design like?

We have a design here that looks like the classic one-armed bandit, which we rather like.

Are you ready to Go for Gold?

This is a three-reel game, but there are no progressives anywhere in view. The game does offer a wild symbol, showing an Olympic athlete. This comes with a 2x multiplier if one lands in a prize-winning lineup, and a 4x multiplier if you get two wilds with another symbol for a prize.

Paylines available in Go for Gold slots

There is just one involved in this game.

How much does it cost to play the real version?

With only one line to cover, you can play it cheaply, especially with a penny as the lowest coin in action. The biggest is worth $10, and there are several others in between too. You can bet up to three coins on the line.

Paytable details

The cabinet design for the slot divides everything into two sections. The game part is at the bottom, while the paytable is above it.

This slot does feature a bonus round

Surprising for a three-reel game, for sure, but you do need to bet three coins of any value on the payline to be in with a chance of triggering it. You then need to find the Olympic torch.

With nine golds on the screen when the bonus begins, you just need to pick one to reveal a prize. You can then choose to accept it and end the round or pick another medal to see if you can get more. You’ve got three choices if you decide to use them all, but if you do, you need to take the prize shown by the last medal you pick, regardless of its value.

Free spins don’t feature in this slot game

It’s enough to get the bonus, don’t you think?

RTP information for Go for Gold slots

Nothing to see here, as we don’t have this detail.

Our rating: Did we like Go for Gold?

It’s a winner in terms of offering a bonus, and there is enough appeal here to make it worth a try. We think it does enough to earn 7/10.

Could the best prize come from the bonus round?

It’s possible, but it depends on the value of all the available medals. Of course, if you reach it, you’re going to get something.

Demo action is the perfect way to begin

Demo play is always our recommendation, regardless of whether there’s a good chance you’ll like the slot anyway.

Play for real wherever you see three-reel games from Wager Gaming

They’ve got lots of other thrilling games in that category too, so look out for those.

You may struggle to find it on mobile though

This isn’t likely to appear at mobile casinos, but you can still play online via a computer.