Coral Reef Slots

Could you visit a Coral Reef online courtesy of a slot game? It may sound like an odd proposition, but we can confirm this is a possibility. Welcome to the full review of this slot, offering all the details you ought to be aware of before committing to a single spin of the game. Are you ready to explore? No snorkeling experience required!

Who created this one?

We have a thrilling title from Wager Gaming here, so if you’re interested to see what they’ve created, keep reading.

It comes with the usual demo version

All their games offer the practice version, at least if they don’t have a progressive involved. There’s a clue for you there, but we have plenty more to explore first.

No surprises with this theme

A slot called Coral Reef had better offer that setting, right? This one does, so you won’t get anything unusual to surprise you at this stage.

How promising is the design?

The design is a decent one, although since this is an older slot game, you shouldn’t expect tons of details in the proceedings. There’s enough to show various underwater creatures though, and to get an idea of what’s happening.

How to begin playing Coral Reef slots

First up, we have a three-reel game here, so it’s smaller than you might have thought. We suggested there was no progressive jackpot involved, and we can confirm that fact here. You won’t see any special symbols during play either – not even a wild. So, the focus here is always on the regular symbols.

Payline action in Coral Reef

And we do mean payline because there is just one involved in this game. That said, there are chances to score prizes in other ways, even with just one line to bet on. The reels are big enough to show symbols that don’t land on the line. All this is di

splayed on the paytable.

Place your bet!

With one bet per spin here, you can expect to choose a coin somewhere within the usual range offered by this developer. Wager Gaming likes to offer bets between one cent and $10 per coin.

The paytable appears on screen too

Right at the side of the reels, as it turns out, so everything you need to know is on the same screen.

Bonus potential for Coral Reef

You may have guessed by now that there are no bonuses to contend with in this game.

What about some free spins?

Few three-reel games have any of these to look for, so it’s not a shock to find there are no spins here either.

RTP information: Do we have it?

No, the game didn’t suggest a value for the slot, so while we hope it might hit the minimum desired value of 96%, we cannot confirm if it gets anywhere near that.

What’s our rating?

Coral Reef makes a pleasant change to the usual three-reel slot filled with lots of fruit. There’s nothing else to look for during the game, but it makes a nice change from everything else you might have seen online. We’re ranking this as 6/10.

How much is the largest prize worth in Coral Reef slots?

It’s lower than we’ve seen in many other slots from this developer. In this case, the top prize is 2,000x your line bet.

Find practice coins to use inside the demo game

The demo is the ideal way to introduce yourself to the reef, as you can see what you think about it before using your own coins to place bets.

Look for the real thing too at participating casinos

Find their three-reel slot game section and see if the Coral Reef game is there. If it

is, you’ll be able to play the real version whenever you wish.

Mobile probabilities for playing anywhere

This is an older title, so unless Wager Gaming chooses to update it, you can bet there will be little chance of finding it to play on Android or iOS mobile devices.