3 Hit Pay Slots

3 Hit Pay isn’t the catchiest title we have ever encountered for a slot game. However, this slot is designed to capture the attention of people who love traditional slots. The title appears to flash once the game has loaded, with a familiar mix of symbols appearing too. Will this one deliver what you’re looking for in a slot game? Let’s find out.

Reels and lines

Three reels and three lines – all marked and easy to see once the game is ready to play. The lines all run across from one side of the reels to the other.

Coins to choose from

Click on the small gold button in the bottom left of the screen and you will see your coin values change. You can adjust them from a cent to a dollar a time. You can also choose to play up to three coins on each of those three lines. You could also play fewer lines if you wish.

3 Hit Pay special icons in play

The paytable is displayed above and on the right side of the reels. There are three tables there – each one showing potential prizes for wagering one, two, or three coins.

The paytables also show there are no wilds or other special symbols in this game. When we called this a classic, we meant it. The best symbol to get is the flaming seven. If you play three coins on a spin and three of those appear on a line, you can expect a huge return of 10,800 coins for your trouble. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Can you trigger bonus features in this slot?

No – 3 Hit Pays is as basic as it gets.

Download and play the 3 Hit Pay slot game today

Despite its basic nature, this game is refreshing to look at and fun to play. It will appeal to those who love the classic games rather than more complex ones, but there are plenty of those players out there.

It’s also worth remembering that just one cherry will pay out if it appears on a payline. Other than that, you must follow the paytable to find out which prizes are in store depending on your bet level per spin. 3 Hit Pay does live up to its title though, especially regarding the potential jackpot on offer in this great slot game.