Rubik’s Slots

Were you ever able to master the Rubik’s Cube? Likely not, but now you can master it when you play the video slot game based on the cube itself. The Rubik’s Cube was a 3D Cube puzzle that was popular around 1980. The idea was to rotate the cube sides around and ideally make all of the colors match on all sides. Rubik’s Slots has three reels and 18 pay lines with an 80,000 coin jackpot! Play with coin values that start at a nickel and go up to $20 with a max of 54 coins possible. There are 18 winning combinations available. This game went live in late 2009 by Wager Works. You can download this game for the true affects that it can deliver with the amazing and brilliant colors. If not, you can play the flash version for free; this option delivers speedy play direct from your web browser. Download and play Rubik’s Slots now!

A Symbol less Game

There are no symbols used in this slot game but instead the colors on the cube are used. These are the primary colors such as yellow, white, blue, orange, green and red. The 80,000 coin jackpot is all yours when you complete three sides of the cube and wager $20 if you are using the top wager of $20.

Rubik's Slot Bonus Game

To initiate the Rubik's Slot Bonus Game you have to light the six letters of Rubik's Logo. In the bonus game you pick one of the 27 cubes, pick off a sticker to see what you won. Once you do this, your mission is to peel stickers of the cube and behind the peel your prizes are revealed. If you successfully light up all six letters then you will move on to the Free Plays bonus. In the Free Play Bonus Round you will see three squares that are the same color and are also in a row, you win. If you can create the same color on one side then you win prizes for all of the lines formed, and a bonus prize for the whole side being the identical color.

That Rubik’s Cube was a brain twisting game to say the least. Now is your chance to master it in a new way! Make sure you put it on your list of things to do! Play Rubik’s Slots today for your chance at the money!