Smart TV Giveaway

How would a 65" 4k Smart TV from Samsung look in your home? If you enter the new Bovada competition that is now live, you might just get the chance to find out. Alongside the big prize, they're also giving away 20 Amazon vouchers worth $50 each.

The competition ties in with the House of the Dragon series launching from HBO, so if you'd like a chance to sit and watch it on a new Smart TV, check the details below and at the Bovada website to find out how to enter.

Download your character chart for House of the Dragon

What's this? It's a chart featuring the names of all the characters set to star in the series. It lists all 10 episodes and gives odds on which character might die. You need to predict who could go and when… or whether they'll survive to the end.

Once you've completed your chart, send a screenshot of it to Bovada via Twitter or Facebook - but make sure you do so via one of the relevant posts on those sites. If you visit the Bovada page covering this promotion, the links you need are there.

Do you need to get your predictions right to be entered?

No - it doesn't matter how well or badly you do. You could be a soothsayer or a no idea person! If you enter your predictions, they'll enter you into the draw. This ends on July 5th and the first entry chosen will win the Samsung 65" Smart TV. They'll then randomly pick another 20 entries, each of whom will win a $50 Amazon voucher. Keep an eye on Bovada's official Facebook and Twitter accounts for the results on July 6th!

Not a member of Bovada yet?

Don't worry - if you sign up now you can complete your House of the Dragon chart predicting the characters you think might die or survive to the end and enter it as per the rules.

You must be a member of Bovada and you must only enter once. You also need to follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts, so make sure you get all those elements in place before you enter.

For more information, visit Bovada today

As if there were not already enough reasons to sign up for Bovada, now you have another one! Get ready to watch the prequel to Game of Thrones, starting this August on HBO. If you win the TV, you could watch House of the Dragon in style!