Kats Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Whenever we chance upon a casino for the first time, we want to hang around to see what's there. And we did spend plenty of time looking around the Kats Casino website, as there were plenty of superb games and areas to check out. We're going to focus on bonuses here, but we're delighted to introduce some top slots first.

Kat's Casino top slots you won't want to miss

Landing on the homepage revealed some of our favorites, so we can share some of those with you here.

Will you attend this Carnaval Forever?

If colorful games are your thing, you won't want to miss this one. It offers a sensational carnival atmosphere, with splashes of all the colors you can imagine. And as it is from Betsoft, you can rely on some awesome gameplay too.

Travel through the 4 Seasons in this engaging game

Betsoft hits another winning streak with this slot game, where you can journey through the seasons and discover all the signs of the Chinese zodiac. There are lots of engaging characters to spot on the reels too.

It's time for some Yak Yeti and Roll

This is one of our favorite Betsoft slots, offering beautiful 3D graphics and a trail of potential prizes along the bottom of the screen. You've got the usual actions on the reels too, with free spins and multipliers available as well.

Are you ready for some tips to find secret no deposit bonus codes?

You should check what's available at Kats Casino first, as their range of bonuses is liable to change at any time. If you fail to spot the no deposit offer that you're after, look at our list of deals below to see whether we've had some promising results. The best time to look for this specific deal is before you sign up at Kats Casino.

Bonus coupons offering free casino funds

These sometimes bring you a chance to collect additional funds when you make a deposit. So, check the current welcome offer at Kats Casino, as this could be your first opportunity to have such a deal.

Free chips to spend at Kats Casino

We have seen these chips turn up at other casinos, so who is to say they won't turn up at Kats Casino? The bonuses area is ready for you to explore, so you can see whether this might be the best place to check out the free chip potential.

How do you get a bonus code for a deal at Kats Casino?

Always read every word that comes with the deal you've spotted - any deal, too, not just one or two. Look for the explanation covering the deal and how it works. This should help you understand whether you need a bonus coupon, as you won't always need to enter one for the deal to trigger.

Are there freebie codes to allow for free play of the real games?

There could be, as these have appeared online at other casinos. As Kats Casino becomes established, they may realize that some deals are more popular than others. Every player loves the opportunity to play a few real spins without paying for them, so stay alert for these chances, just in case they appear.

Look for the chance of a bonus on top of a Bitcoin deposit too

This is a great way to find another bonus opportunity. The casino lists Bitcoin as a deposit method, so check out the available deals to see what's there just now.

Are there other deposit methods you could use instead?

Yes, Kats Casino has a range of methods, with some of the logos spread out at the bottom of the casino. If you are eager to see what's there, you should check out the full range of possibilities inside your account.