Ignition Rewards

Ignition Casino always looks after its players whether it is the amazing choice of games offered or the number of secure ways to send money to the casino including using Bitcoin or whether it is the constant support and service given to every player at the casino. And now the casino offers Ignition Rewards. These rewards are unlike any other rewards offered, the player never loses his status or his points. Reward points are given for every dollar that is spent at the casino and these in turn reward the player back with cash that he can use on casino games.

Ignition Rewards Club is Automatically Open to the Player

New players to the casino are automatically started at the initial steel level. This gives players 6% cashback daily on every dollar that is spent at the casino and in addition for every 2500 points the player receives a $1 in return. The points start accumulating immediately the player starts placing real money bets. As the player enjoys more and more games he earns more points and these points can be swapped for real money and other bonuses at the casino when enough have been earned. The more the player enjoys the Real Money Casino Slots games the more points he earns and the further he climbs through the different levels of the Ignition Rewards club.

Ignition Rewards Levels

The second level is called Chrome awarding player 7% cashback, the third level is bronze, awarding players 8% cashback, the fourth level is silver awarding players 9% cashback, the fifth level is gold awarding players 10% cashback, then comes platinum with 11% cashback, then there is titanium with 12% cashback and the top level of diamond awards players 15% cashback and $1 is given for every 1000 points earned. The rewards club gives players many different bonuses and offers and from time to time special offers are included. What makes it super special and different from any other casino rewards club is that the player never loses his club status. If he has reached the gold tier, he will always remain at that level even if he has not played at the casino for a while. This makes the Ignition Rewards club stand out from all the other club points that do not include these additional terms and with the many cash bonuses and other offers the Ignition Rewards Club is definitely the place to join while enjoying the many other benefits and bonuses of the Ignition Casino.