Sportsbooker Neds Off to a Lousy Start With Its Ads

Australian online betting site Neds isn't having great luck with its advertisements. With five ads in all, two have already been banned from the airwaves.

Last week, the Australian Standards Bureau ordered the bookmaker to pull an ad in which builders were more interested in getting bets placed than they were doing their job. This week, an ad depicting a man who pushed all the buttons in an elevator to give himself more time to place bets was yanked.

The complaints have all revolved around excessive gambling. The Australian Bureau of Standards feels the ads promote excessive gambling, which can be a sign of gambling addiction.

The remaining three ads have been given the green light. There are questions as to why the other three ads were allowed.

One shows a man giving his significant other more clothes to try on in the fitting room so that he has more time to place bets. The other two had similar themes with a man letting an old lady go first at the grocery store checkout and a man getting a call from a telemarketer and using that as an excuse to leave his friends and go place bets.

While the latter three ads will continue to air, the banned ads have been pulled from websites and YouTube. Whether this will affect Neds online betting remains to be seen.