Mamma Mia Slots

Imagine the hearty smells of tomato and garlic in your favorite Italian restaurant. With those thoughts drifting in the back of your mind, it's time to play Mamma Mia slots . This Italian restaurant food themed slot game proves to be tempting. Bonus features, free spins, and hilarious animations delight the senses.

Mamma Mia 3D slots has 30 paylines that allow you to wager up to five coins worth a penny to $1 on each line. The best way to win is by placing a Max Bet, and that's easy to do by pushing the Max Bet Spin button.

Symbols and Payouts

Mamma Mia slots features lower-tier symbols that include a chopping board, boiling water, bottles of wine, restaurant reviews, menus, an Italian dinner, the waiter, the restaurant critic, and the Italian chef. Values for each range from 50 to 2500. During the free spins bonus, the pizza ingredients have higher values and go as high as 5,000 coins.

Make sure you watch the animated shorts when you have a winning payline. These snippets will have you laughing out loud, and your total prize is revealed after the short.

Scintillating Bonus Features

During game play, you can activate the Locking Wilds feature. Each time you have a winning payline, you can risk more cash and lock one of the winning symbols into a wild. You'll win plenty of extra cash with this feature. Don't worry about wagering too much, the game tells you when you're betting more than five times your starting bet.

When you land three pizza symbols on the reels, enjoy the Pizza Free Spin bonus. During this bonus, you get new symbols that are worth a bundle. In addition, you can watch the chef hard at work making his gourmet pizza.

If the reels stop on three food cover symbols, you get to play a fun “click me” bonus game. During this game, choose on of the covers to reveal your prize.

The Food Critic bonus starts when the reels stop on at least three score open menu symbols. With this interactive bonus game, you decide what the chef is going to make and see if your choices appeal to the food critic. Pick carefully and see how happy you can make the food critic.

Where to Play Mamma Mia Slots

You'll find Mama Mia Slots at your favorite BetSoft casino. Before you sign up to play this exciting 3D slot game, look at the promotions page to see what the current bonuses include. New players can use welcome bonuses to help increase their casino balance without risking much cash, while established players can take advantage of reload bonuses every few days.