Mad Scientist and Madder Scientist – Two Perfect Slots

Mad Scientist and Madder Scientist – Two Perfect Slots
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It’s not often you get two great games that are created along the same lines yet are different in their own ways. Mad Scientist and its sequel, Madder Scientist meet this very idea. Let’s check out what they have to offer.

How many reels and paylines do these games have?

Mad Scientist has five reels and 20 paylines in total. Meanwhile the sequel Madder Scientist offers the same number of reels but there are an additional 10 paylines, making 30 in all.

What are the maximum and minimum bet amounts?

Mad Scientist gives you a choice of bets between five cents and a dollar per coin. You can choose from one to five coins on each line you play.

Madder Scientist accepts bet amounts from two cents to 50 cents per coin. You can also bet from one to five coins per line enabled.

Do they have special symbols?

The blackboard is the wild symbol in Mad Scientist. There’s a scatter symbol in the shape of a switch too, and you need three to claim a prize. Wild’o’Cution is great to look out for since it transforms the symbols on one row to wilds. Finally the Bio sign rewards you with as much as 175 credits just for finding it!

Over in Madder Scientist find three beakers on the odd-numbered reels to use the Click Me feature and reveal a beaker prize. Switches are wild, and you’ll get a wild reel if you find three.

Can you play a bonus round in either game?

Mad Scientist offers a Turn to Gold bonus game for getting at least three test tube symbols. Over in Madder Scientist find at least three carrots to trigger a bonus round involving… a carrot! You’ll get to mix a potion to try with the carrot to see if you can win a great prize from this round.

Download Mad Scientist and try Madder Scientist too today!

Both these online slots games are well worth a try. We personally gave the edge to the sequel because the graphics are that little bit better and you can enjoy a true 3D effect in the game as well.

However with that said they’re both superbly thought-out and offer lots of perks and enjoyment for the keen slots player. If you’re keen to be a scientist – whether a mad one or a madder one – try playing these games today.

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Madder Scientist Slots

Type3D, 5-reel, bonus
Coins per line1-5
Coin size$0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$150
ScatterBeaker, Switch, Carrot
SymbolsAssistant, Beakers, High Voltage Sign, Light Bulb, Mad Scientist, Microscope, Microscopic Cells, Rabbit
Free spins5 Free Spins
Bonus roundWild Switches
Fun moneyyes
Instant playyes
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