Hidden Loot Slots

Hidden Loot slots is a pirate-themed classic slot with a twist. Unlike many classic slots where you spin and win money if you're lucky, Hidden Loot tosses in an amazing bonus round and a wild symbol to make it easier to win than ever!

Symbols in Hidden Loot Online Slots

All symbols require three matches across the center line before you can win a prize. There are three gems in Hidden Loot: Yellow is worth 5 coins, blue is worth 15, and red is worth 25. The treasure chest is worth 50, the ship is worth 100, and the skull and swords is worth 250.

The pirate is a wild symbol and becomes very useful in creating winning lines. There's one additional symbol, the Hidden Loot symbol, that leads to the bonus.

Hidden Loot Bonus Round

You can't help but have fun playing the Hidden Loot bonus game. This isn't a simple point and click. This game takes a little skill in successfully collecting gems, dodging the bad guys, and getting through the levels as quickly as possible because the clock is ticking.

You're taken into an underground chamber that has a series of tunnels and ladders. Use the arrow keys on your computer to maneuver your pirate through the chamber by climbing down the ladder. As you work your way to the bottom, collect the 10 gems while dodging the skeletons. You must do this before you run out of time.

If a skeleton captures you, they'll steal your jewels, so make sure you keep far away from them. The more gems you are able to steal during the set time period, the more your bonus is worth. Completing one level brings you to the next, more difficult level. There are three levels in all, so if you play well, you can win plenty of cash.

Look Into Promotions and Bonuses First

Before you play Hidden Loot slots at your favorite Betsoft casino, look for promotional offers. If you're brand new to a casino, casinos frequently match your first deposit for free. You're $25 deposit becomes $50 thanks to the casino's generous welcome. Some casinos even go beyond that and match up to your first 10 deposits.

No deposit rewards are equally beneficial. In this case, the casino of your choice will offer you a small amount of free cash simply for trying out their games.

If you've already set up an account with a Betsoft casino featuring Hidden Loot, there are still freebies available. Look into reload offers and special email-only offers that can boost your account quickly without having to risk much of your own cash.