Gold Rush Slots

The Gold Rush slot game is available, anyway, although we cannot guarantee any sign of a real gold rush. If you’re familiar with the American Gold Rush period in the 1850s, you’ll work out how the theme pans out in this game before you even see it. Get ready to see what you think as you read our review of this game below.

Game studio details

Gold Rush is another fine slot to check out from Wager Gaming.

Is there a practice version?

Just as you might practice panning for gold, you can also try this version of the game before attempting the real one.

The theme is right there in the title

Yes, it does revolve around the Gold Rush, as you guessed it would.

Don’t expect a design that gets overly complex

You’ll like what you see, we’re sure, but it’s nothing too detailed.

How to play the Gold Rush slot

The game has three reels and there are only the regular paytable prizes in it, rather than having a progressive to look for. There are no special icons to check out as you play, although the gold nugget is the easiest prize winner. You only need one to unlock the cheapest prize.

Available paylines

The game has just one line in play.

Expect higher coin values in this game

They go from 10 cents to $25, so this isn’t a penny slot game. You also have the chance to bet up to three coins on the payline.

Don’t forget the paytable

You should make a point of reading through it before you play, even if you’re only going to test the practice version of the game.

This game does not offer a bonus

Nothing like it appears in Gold Rush, so there’s no rush to find one.

Free spins don’t factor into it either

There are no such spins to find anywhere in Gold Rush.

We do not have any RTP details to give you

It looks like the game wasn’t released with any.

Our rating for the Gold Rush slot game

It’s a straightforward if slightly basic slot to play, but if that’s what you’re after, this is a neat twist on the usual themes you’d expect to see in such games. There’s no fruit here for starters! It’s a fine 6/10 game, we think.

No gold, but what’s the best prize?

It looks like around 1,600 coins if you can manage to trigger that. You’d need three coins in play with three gold nuggets landing on the payline to get it.

Demo play is perfect to start with

This game won’t be ideal for everyone, but if you like it, you can certainly try this version without spending any cash on it to test it out.

Wager Gaming casinos allow members to play for real

Yes, you’ll need an account to do this, but once you’ve created one, you can find Gold Rush and check it out with some real bets if you like.

It may not be ideal for mobile

We checked this and couldn’t find a mobile version, as it is one of the older slots from this developer. It’s still superb to play on a computer though.