Doo-Wop Daddy-O

Doo Wop Daddy O originated from the 1950’s American Diner era and Rival is bringing you this video slot game. This is a five reel and 20 pay line slot game that has a stellar bonus game. The top jackpot is worth 15,000 coins. Play with coin values that start at a penny and go up to a quarter with a maximum number of coins being 200. There are more than 33 winning combinations. The graphics and audio depict the 1950 culture. Feel free to download this game to fully experience all of the bells and whistles. Or, you could play the flash version which delivers speedy play directly from your web browser. Download and play Doo Wop Daddy O Slots now !

Symbols that are Found at the Diner

The Wild Logo is the Wild symbol which means that it can be swapped for any other symbol to complete more winning combinations for you. The Motorcycle is the Scatter symbol. The Milkshake and the Truck are the Bonus Scatter Symbols. Other symbols are the Jukeboxes, Records, Ice Cream Floats, Roller Skates, Pink Poodles and Hot Rods. The Scattered Motorcycle, when you get at least two of them, will pay out multipliers of at least 200 times. It is the Bonus symbols that trigger the Soda Fountain Bonus feature and the Drag Race Bonus features.

The Soda Fountain Bonus Game

The Soda Fountain Bonus Game is triggered when you get a minimum of three Milkshake symbols. Here, you have to prepare some drinks for the patrons. All you have to do to make these drinks is to click the ingredients that will be needed to make the drink. This is how you earn points. Make them good because the more orders, the more points you get.

The Drag Race Bonus Game

The Drag Race Bonus Game is triggered when you get a minimum of three Red Truck Symbols. Your job is to race the Blue Truck where you need to switch gears and blow the horn to get points.

Play Doo Wop Daddy O Slots now! This is one that you want to make a point to put on your list of things to do! Recall that nostalgia from the 50’s where ice cream sodas, burgers, rock n’ roll and pink poodles were hot! Live the experience! Win big today on one of the bonus games.