Dash for Cash Slots

Are you looking for a classic online slot game that features a twist? Dash for Cash slots is a one-payline, three-reel game that takes the classic slot premise and adds something unique. The set-up of this game is different from what you'd expect.

When you play Dash for Cash slots , the screen doesn't show a standard classic slot. There's a chewed up tree branch with the payline within the branch's chewed up opening. It's obvious that the squirrels have been up to no good chewing up the tree and hiding their stash.

Coin values range from 5 cents to $5, and you can be up to three coins on the payline. This leads to a max bet of $15, which isn't too high, even if you tend to wager limited amounts to make your money last.

Symbols and Prizes in Dash for Cash Slots

The symbols include items like the acorns that are worth 6; trees, 9; wild, 30; wooden 7's, 60; squirrels, 150; and pine cones, 1500. You do need to get all three matching symbols across the payline or pair them with wilds in order to win.

The Dash for Cash symbol is different. Three of them leads to an interactive bonus game. No matter what you're winning, however, bells will sound alerting you to the win and the amount shows up on the side of the screen.

Dash for Cash Bonus

To launch the Dash for Cash bonus, you need three Dash for Cash symbols, or a mix of wilds and Dash for Cash. This game takes a little skill, it's not as easy as it looks.

During Dash for Cash, the squirrel is flying through the air. Arrows flash and you must hit the correct arrow in the correct amount of time, or the squirrel crashes and the bonus round ends. It's best to really make sure you're hitting the right arrow because reflexes do tend to take over and make you mess up.

Before You Play Dash for Cash Slots

Don't even think of playing this interactive three-reel slot game before you look into promotional offers. Casinos often feature welcome bonuses, no deposit awards, and special reload rewards for VIP players.

Welcome bonuses usually match your initial deposit dollar for dollar. If you deposit $50, the casino chips in another $50 for free.

No deposit bonuses are offered by some casinos to allow you to check out the games without any risk. Enjoy a free handful of cash to use playing the different games. Usually, no deposit bonuses are under $20, but some casinos have been very generous and gone higher.

Reload offers are available for established players. If you're a member of a casino, each time you make a new deposit, see if the casino has a current reload offer going on. You'll earn free cash simply for remaining a valued player at that casino and trying your luck at games like Dash for Cash slots.