EveryGame Casino

Is this casino really twice as good as any other? We think so, because when you see the EveryGame Casino name, you're actually seeing the reveal of a name covering two casinos. You can choose to play at Casino Classic or at the Red Casino. The latter uses a red color scheme while the former is gold - in more ways than one! We review both here, so you can work out which one might be best for you. There's more to discover at EveryGame too, as you'll soon see.

Which software brand might you see at this casino?

We have two different names to share with you here. If you visit Casino Classic, you're going to see games from the Wager Gaming brand. If you head over to Red Casino at EveryGame, you've got the full suite of games from RTG instead.

Exploring the lobby at the two casinos

EveryGame always uses a menu that sits on the left of your screen. This keeps things uniform and easy to read. When inside the Red Casino, EveryGame gives you the main game link on the left before displaying all the categories you can visit across your screen. New games, slot games, blackjack, and roulette appear there among others.

If you head over to Casino Classic, you'll see the submenu for the games area in a column to the left. You'll spot video poker and table games along with the more familiar slots. Those sit in two areas as well, for video slots and three-reel games.

Choose which casino you'd like to sign up for

Will it be Casino Classic or Casino Red? We advise you to read the rest of our review for EveryGame Casino and to evaluate all the options before deciding which path to take.

Are there limitations on joining either site?

The minimum age across the board is 18 but do make sure you're allowed to play from that age in your location, as some countries do have higher age limits in place. There is a small prohibited list for Casino Classic, but you should be good to play if you're from the US, Australia, or Canada. Make sure you confirm the laws allow this in your jurisdiction first though.

Over in the Red version of EveryGame, the only country mentioned that is not allowed at the casino is Costa Rica. This means it's on you to make sure you know whether you can legally play there, as they give no further information on the topic.

Games for all moods and desires

When you're ready to play some games at EveryGame, you can see the scope at Casino Classic and Red Casino is always impressive. It's worth looking around for more detail and information prior to signing up for any casino. However, since you've got two of them here, you need to spend a little extra time looking around before deciding which way to go.

Slots are a major attraction at EveryGame

This is common among many casinos, so it's no surprise to see the same applying here. Regardless of whether you choose to try Red or Classic, you're going to get an amazing mix of slot games to try. It's easier to find the three-reel games at the Classic casino, as we've seen, but even if you take the Red path, you can expect to sort through lots of entertaining casino slots there as well.

Don't forget you've got EveryGame Poker as well

Yes, the EveryGame site doesn't miss a thing. You'll see access to the poker section from the main menu when you arrive, and you can head over to it whenever you wish when you're looking around too.

They have a welcome offer if you're new to the poker section, and you'll need to download the software to be able to play too (it's free). You can only get a real feel for the poker play once you're inside the software as a member of this area. However, you get a taste of the tournaments, events, promotions, games, and plenty more on the introductory poker page, so there is plenty to look forward to.

They also offer a massive 36% rakeback on poker. You can also expect to earn loyalty points once you begin playing, but we advise you to find your feet there first.

Free games at EveryGame Casino

There are lots of demo slots to play - and other casino games too - regardless of whether you head for Casino Classic or Red Casino. The exception to that rule is to point out the progressive games available at the Classic site. Those don't have demos available, but everything else seems fine. Comparing the Red Casino to that, everything has a demo… or at least everything we looked at did, and we covered a lot while writing this review.

Paid games to play at the two casinos

When you arrive at your selected casino at EveryGame, you'll soon realize most games offer a range of bets to choose from. We suggest approaching any games you think look appealing by checking out the betting before playing the real versions. As we've seen, most games do allow demo play, so you can see which ones best suit your gaming and offer an affordable coin wager you can work with.

New slots and where to find them

There are two ways to do this depending on which site you're on. The Red Casino has an area reserved for all the new games, mostly slots, so you can read about them there.

If you head over to Casino Classic at EveryGame, you can enter their new games segment too. This is slightly different because you then head over to another page, where they describe some of the features you'll find in each of the new games.

Promotions at EveryGame Casino

Each of the two casino areas has its own section highlighting all the available promotions. Regardless of the area you choose to sign up for, you can claim a welcome deal when you deposit for the first time. Following that, there are individual promotions to read about at Casino Classic and Red Casino. And as with all casinos, you can expect changes to happen over time too, so the promo area is always the ideal one to visit whenever you return.

Tournaments appearing at EveryGame Casino

Casino Classic has a dedicated tournament area, and there's always something happening in there. Red Casino doesn't have an area like this, but they did mention the tournament potential when we read through their terms of use page, so the possibilities are still there.

Casino winners didn't receive any headlines anywhere

This holds true for both the casino sections, so we guess if you want news about some recent winners, you may need to wait a while to get it.

Rewards come in the shape of the popular comp points

The good news here is that you can begin earning these comp points when you make your first real wager at either of the EveryGame Casino sites. This means you'll always have a chance to rack up those points and convert them when you've got the amount you need to be able to do so.

Mobile casino gaming with no apps

EveryGame Casino doesn't bother with apps, which makes life far easier if you use

Android or iPads or iPhones to visit EveryGame. You can use the same login you would if you went elsewhere, and get instant access to Red or Classic, depending on which site you typically use.

Register before you play

Casino Classic looked as though instant play demo games were available, but we only got an error message when trying to load them. That said, it might have been a problem with the website, although everything else worked fine. Over at Casino Red, we couldn't get into any games without a login. This means the best approach is to choose your casino, sign up, and then look around and try some practice games when you're ready. You can hang back on your first deposit for a time too.

Instant play at Casino Classic, but what about Red?

Casino Classic has taken the easy route of offering a browser-based casino to play games in. This means no downloads or hassle. If you want to play at the Red Casino, you can choose how you want to do this. We know both sites offer mobile play, but you do also have a downloadable option at Red Casino, and you don't get this at the other one.

Affiliate program information

EveryGame Casino does run an affiliate program, linked to by the affiliates message in the lower menu. If you select that option, you can read more about their affiliate program without leaving the EveryGame website.

Sporting services available too at EveryGame

This is something you cannot always rely on, but EveryGame does cover every possibility. There is a sportsbook segment to visit, giving you fast access to the top sports you can place wagers on today. If you cannot see your favorite sport there, don't worry - you can also look at their complete list in A-to-Z format below the favorites. Games appear in the middle of the screen for your selected sport, and if you choose to make a bet on one of those, you can see it appear on the bet slip on the right. It's a neat and orderly design, which isn't something we can say of every sportsbook online today.

They also offer live sports betting, and once again this is accessed from another area at the top of the EveryGame website. Only those sports featuring live games right now appear in the menu for this area.

Any blogs or forum areas?

If you love blog posts about casino action, head for the Red Casino, because they do offer a blog for you to read. There are no forum areas though. Casino Classic doesn't delve into either of those areas.

We couldn't find any live dealer games

While EveryGame did mention live games in passing, nothing of this nature appeared in either of the casino areas on their website.

Depositing funds at the EveryGame Casino

You'll see various cards and online wallets on their list of deposit methods, along with a few other possibilities including virtual currencies.

Is it easy to make a withdrawal?

You can read more about the process inside the banking area. They've given you nine options, with this batch covering most of the possible ways you could withdraw winnings from your EveryGame account.

Bitcoin joints two other altcoins

You can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash to deposit and withdraw from your account.

Help and support from EveryGame

They have a large help desk, which you'll find at the bottom of the site. While it goes into the sportsbook area, it does cover all areas of the site including banking topics. You can also read more useful pages throughout the site.