Kim Vegas Casino

Not Las Vegas but Kim Vegas - a name for a casino that is going to stick in the mind. But will it stick there for positive or negative reasons? That's what we are here to find out, with a chance to find lots of features and factors you should consider if you're thinking of signing up. Let's get underway.

Exploring the software brands in play

The easiest way to do this is to go to the foot of the site. That's where you'll see lots of logos - many of which we think you'll recognize. There are logos for many famous brands there, including GameArt, Betsoft, iSoftBet, and Microgaming. You may well be surprised at just how many there are, so you can be certain you're going to get hundreds of games to check out at Kim Vegas Casino.

It's easy to see the lobby

When you first arrive on the site, you're actually right there in the lobby. Scroll past the comic book style intro and you'll see the lobby with its top games and other titles just below it. You can easily change areas if you wish, but you can also find out more about the scope of the casino there.

Explore further before you join the casino

We were impressed with the amount of accessible information the casino offered on our first visit. We feel it is a sensible idea to explore as much as possible before joining the casino if you decide to do so.

Which countries fall foul of the signup restrictions?

The most notable omission here is the USA, but those in the UK cannot join either. We advise that you read the terms and conditions prior to signing up, although we noticed that some VPNs did not allow access to the site at all when we tried this. It means that you may find you cannot visit the site to begin with… and if not, that's your answer.

Games fall into multiple areas

And you can see them all on the homepage. There is an option to see all of them listed together, but you can split off and see the slots, the card games, the Drops &

Wins games, and many others too, including the jackpots.

Slots to play at Kim Vegas Casino

Of course, the slots were always going to be the most promising and plentiful games to play at this casino. You can certainly find lots of slot games based around diverse topics there, so if you love slots, you're going to find lots of potential to dive into.

Should you expect some free games to play?

Since many software developers do make free versions of their games available to players in many countries, there is a promising chance of finding lots of demos to check out at this casino too.

Are the paid games expensive?

We know the site has lots of games and developers involved, so this gives us a far better idea of how many games we can play at this casino. This also means there are going to be varied coins and betting amounts for each game. Most players should find an impressive array of affordable games at the casino, so there are lots of possibilities there.

Looking for some new slot games

You don't need to look for long as there are plenty of new games listed on the homepage. We saw several intriguing titles among them. You can also elect to see more if you use the given link there.

Promotions… or bonuses

Yes, you should look for bonuses in the main menu at the casino, as this is where you can find the information for the latest offers. You might see the welcome deal landing on the homepage, but you can read more about forthcoming bonuses on the relevant page too.

Find out more about tournaments

Kim Vegas Casino has a few panels giving info on various features of the site once you get beyond a look at the games. The third of the panels is the current tournament panel, offering info on the top players there at present. You can ask it to show you more info too.

Casino winners appear in the first of three panels

We did mention that tournaments appear in another one, along with jackpots between the two. The first panel features half a dozen recent winners, the amounts

won, and the games people played at the time.

More rewards for VIP members as well

Another reason to join Kim Vegas is the inclusion of a VIP club. You'll see a link to this on the website if you check the main menu. Since you cannot always guarantee you'll get a VIP club, it's great to see one at Kim Vegas Casino.

A responsive website that is a joy to use

And you can visit Kim Vegas Casino by picking up a tablet or smartphone or going for your computer to visit if you wish.

It's best to register for the complete experience

You may be able to try some demos without opening an account, but if you live somewhere that is allowed access to the casino, why not create an account anyway? You don't need to deposit unless you want to, so you can try some demos and look around the inside of your account before you do anything else.

Instant play looks like the aim here

Kim Vegas Casino is a delight to use and a site that doesn't go for complicated access methods. Choose a game and it loads in your browser, ready for you to play.

Would you become a partner of this casino?

If you're looking to become a member of another affiliate program, you can check out the Kim Vegas Partners affiliate program on the site for further information.

Nothing too sporting about this casino

By this we mean that there are no sportsbook or racebook sections to explore that take you away from the casino itself.

Don't expect a blog to read

Learning more about the casino is best done by reading the rest of this review. You can also check on the opinions of other players if you can find any contributing to online forums.

Live dealer games of the premium kind

Yes, Kim Vegas makes a point of highlighting their premium live casino games on the homepage, complete with a WHAM cartoonish logo. You can learn more about them and enter the live area via the usual menu, so it's quite easy to find your way around.

Lots of ways to deposit at Kim Vegas Casino

Yes, you can certainly make sure you are ready to deposit lots of funds there if you want to play. They have a mix of cards, prepaid methods, transfers, and e-wallets to go for, so there is sure to be something you can use.

Some differences in the withdrawal methods

There are a few differences there, so looking through the available list of options is a sensible idea. Many methods are fine for depositing and withdrawing but do be aware of the differences.

Bitcoin is fine for both

And there are a few other virtual currencies you can use as well. Look for potential bonuses on depositing via these methods. No guarantees… but something we think you should always check on.

Need a little help or advice?

The support and FAQ areas are at the bottom of the website, so go for those if you get stuck and need any additional information before you use Kim Vegas Casino. There is a crypto area to visit in the menu too if you're interested in more details about those banking methods.