Gr88 Casino

If you haven’t checked out this casino, is it worth doing so? You may well see the number eight featuring in a few ways here, but there are plenty more reasons to learn more about the site. We decided to put it through our review process, to give you a feel for what’s in store. See what we found out about it below.

Powered by two superb software developers

No doubt you’ll be familiar with the names Play’n Go and Microgaming. You’ll get the chance to play games from both those collections at this casino.

No problems getting around the casino lobby

You’ll see the usual mix of game types there, including card games, table games, slots, video poker, and even a category for scratch cards (or scratchers, as they call them). You can find other games in the final category too.

The casino invites you to join now

That’s the message to look for on the homepage, so you can find that when you’re ready to open your account. It’s simple enough to have a look around first though, as there are lots of pages to explore at the casino.

A shorter list of signup restrictions

Gr88 Casino has a shorter list of restrictions than some other casinos we have visited lately. There are still some countries that are prohibited from the site though, including those living in the USA, the UK, and certain regions of Australia. Canada is also barred from the site.

Plenty of entertaining games at Gr88 Casino

You knew this already, given the list of categories and the developers in action on the site. We found some excellent games on the featured part of the homepage alone, with Freaky Bandits and Freaky Cowboys among the slots, along with European roulette, blackjack, and Casino Hold ‘Em appearing there too.

Plenty of slot games pop up in the top games area

Further down the homepage at Gr88 Casino, you can see a list of the top 10 games

played on the site just now. All the ones on the list were indeed slot games when we visited, including Gems and the City, Cleopatra Treasure, and Archipelago. Watch for others to crop up there as well.

Does Gr88 offer demo games?

You should find plenty of titles to play in practice mode once you’re in your account and ready to play. This is the ideal way to make sure you can experiment with some slots and other games to see which ones you like most.

Paying to play the real games

Watch the coin values first and look at how many coins you need to play on each go. There are real variations between all the bets, so one title could be way more affordable than another.

How often might you find new slot games at Gr88?

It depends on when Microgaming and Play’n Go decide to release them. Of course, since the casino offers all the games from these developers, you’ll know that their newest releases will appear alongside the current games.

Begin with a welcome deal worth up to $880

We think that ought to be $888 given the attraction to the number eight at this casino! However, this is the first available deal on your first deposits at Gr88 Casino, so check the details to learn more about it and see whether you want to move on to see some other promotions later as well.

We didn’t find any tournaments on their website

These are rarer at online casinos than you might think. Certainly, they didn’t seem too popular on the Gr88 website as there were none available on our trip through the casino.

Top winners land on the site next to the top games

The two charts may not mean anything when viewed together, but you can find out which games the top winners played to get the prizes given. Those prizes checked out at hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars each, so you can see there are some fortunate players at the casino.

Are there any other rewards to earn at the casino?

Gr88 Casino doesn’t have a page for any rewards, although if you can find anything like this at the site, you can bet it is going to appear with the rest of the promotions on that page.

Try visiting Gr88 on mobile tablets and smartphones too

While there was no news of an app at this casino, we did find that we could visit the site in this manner. Worth thinking about if you tend not to visit online casinos on computers anymore.

Register for an account and then begin to play

This is the usual way to do things at lots of casinos, so we weren’t surprised to find this was the case at Gr88 as well. It’s fine to look around first, but easier to be sure of accessing all the available games once you’ve logged in.

Instant play casino action whenever you want it

Since this is an instant play casino, you don’t need to bother with downloading any software. This means you’re able to visit the casino on any computer, without needing to return to the one with software on it. Easier to use and another tick in the right column for Gr88.

No sign of any affiliate details at Gr88 Casino

Some casinos do offer this information but we’re not at one of those this time.

Don’t look for any sports betting or bookies

The casino doesn’t delve into areas like this, so it’s a pure casino offering in this instance.

Blog/forum features don’t crop up

A quick glance at the homepage tells us this much.

Plenty of casino games, but none are live

You won’t need to worry about having any real dealers to face off against, as the casino doesn’t have any live games to play.

How will you make a deposit?

If you feel ready to play at Gr88 Casino, make sure you choose from the series of credit, debit, and prepaid cards available. You can also pick an online wallet if you want one.

How to make a withdrawal

As is true of many casinos, not all deposit methods sit in the withdrawal column as

well. Some are fine to use for both purposes, so we advise you to visit the banking or cashier areas to see which one would make sense for you.

Bitcoin isn’t on either the deposit or withdrawal list

No cryptocurrencies appear at Gr88 just yet.

How can you find some assistance?

Use the live chat feature if you need it but check the links and pages on the site as well. There is a lot more to read there throughout the site format.