UK Casino Club

The title has a real club feel to it, doesn’t it? We can also tell you that the landing page at UK Casino Club has the same approach. It doesn’t look like any other casino site we have ever seen, for sure. There are all kinds of features and factors to bear in mind before you think about joining the casino, so we’ll go through them with you here.

The game studio and software behind UK Casino Club

We get quick confirmation that Microgaming is the name in action here. It is mentioned at the bottom of the casino, but several famous game titles appear throughout the site as well.

Only members can see the full lobby

You’ll get an idea of what is to come just by looking around the site. However, you should know that you’ll only see the full suite of games once you’ve joined the casino. There is a games area you can visit, which gives a complete list of game titles and their RTP values. It doesn’t show any images for most of these, but it does suggest what is to come.

Join the casino if you qualify to do so

We’ll come to that topic in a second, but you can see how to join by following the instructions given to you on the homepage.

Signup restrictions in action at UK Casino Club

Since they mention the UK in the name of the casino itself, it is clear that players in the United Kingdom can indeed play games at the casino. The terms on the site mention Great Britain, so this is a little different. However, it doesn’t just have a license in the UK. It has one from Malta as well, enabling it to offer services in other countries – assuming those countries have laws that allow for online gambling. In all cases, the minimum age to use UK Casino Club is 18.

Games appearing alongside the usual slots at this casino

Microgaming has plenty of slots to share, but the games page also reveals an impressive list of other titles to consider. These fall into the video poker, blackjack, and roulette areas most notably, so you can look forward to trying some of those as


Check out some famous Microgaming slots

Can there be anything bigger than the famous Mega Moolah multi-progressive title? They do have other progressive jackpot games on offer as well, so watch out for those to appear. You’ve also got other games including simpler ones with more basic prizes.

Can you try games before playing with real bets?

Yes, you can – there are some excellent slots to discover in the Microgaming collection at UK Casino Club, so you’re able to experiment with a few to see which ones you would like to move onto in terms of the real thing.

Paid games for all members to try too

Of course, the casino wants its players to play for real, and if you sign up and choose to do this, you’ll find lots of casino games offering various coins to bet with. Always look through the scale first, looking at coin values and seeing how many coins you’d need for each game.

Finding some new slots to play too

With Microgaming software in play, UK Casino Club is in a fine position to treat its players to some new slot releases as well. There are plenty of those to try along the way.

Do they offer lots of promotions?

Our exploration of the site revealed a page devoted to the welcome bonus, and you can read more about this on the landing page too. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a page covering other promotions, so it could be that the opening deal is the only one you get. You can pick up a bonus on your first five deposits though, so this is a promising deal to look at.

Tournaments didn’t feature at the casino

We couldn’t find any evidence of tournaments anywhere, past, present, or future, so it looks as if this is not going to be a feature of the casino.

Casino winners do crop up on the site though

The winners’ list page is easy to find and goes as far back as 2010! You can set the parameters to search for winners, although the most recent ones crop up on the page when you first arrive.

Rewards are scarce in other ways – at least it seems so

The casino doesn’t promote a VIP club or any kind of rewards program. Does this mean the casino doesn’t have either of these? It would appear so, although we would still suggest that you keep an eye on any details you receive if you sign up. They might just be keeping everything quiet.

Can you visit the casino on a mobile device?

Yes, although UK Casino Club does not offer any apps or downloads for Android or iOS. This does make things easier though, as all you’ll need is a mobile browser. It couldn’t be any easier, could it? And if you stick with a computer to visit the casino, there are no downloads for this either.

You must create an account to play

While some casinos allow a certain amount of access before you join, perhaps even to play demo games, this isn’t true of the UK Casino Club. You can learn plenty before signing up, but you will need to join to try anything beyond that.

Instant play casino games from Microgaming

You can certainly count on this developer to give you lots of fast to load instant play games at the casino. Make sure you get the most out of your time at UK Casino Club when you’re there.

Rewards from the affiliate program

There is a hint here to the name of the affiliate program provider, which is Rewards Affiliates. If you follow the link the casino gives you, you’ll be able to read all you need to know about it.

Any sporting services worth noting?

No, we have a casino here and nothing else is offered beyond that.

Blog/forum facilities

The only way you’ll learn about the casino via these services is to find them elsewhere online. The official site has neither of these available.

No chance to meet any real casino dealers

No live casino games feature at UK Casino Club, unfortunately.

How can you make some deposits?

If you can sign up and you’re ready to deposit some funds, you can do so via Neteller, PayPal, paysafecard, and other methods. Watch for the changing deposit methods panel at the bottom of the casino.

Is it easy to withdraw funds as well?

It’s worth saying that the casino doesn’t have a banking page. When you create your account, we suggest you visit the cashier section to find out which methods you could use for withdrawals, and whether they incur any limits.

What about using Bitcoin?

This isn’t yet possible at this casino.

Help from those running the site

If you need help at UK Casino Club, you’ll need to use the live chat service to get it. They don’t include a help or FAQ area, so using live chat is the quickest way to get assistance.