The Gold Lounge Casino

So, is this going to be a casino you’ll want to be a member of? This is a golden opportunity to discover the answer to that question. We’ve explored every corner of this online casino to bring you the facts about what it can offer. While it doesn’t accept players from all over the world, it does welcome many people from many countries. We’ll learn more about that shortly.

Before that, we should mention the impressive design, golden tones, and ease with which you can explore the site. That all adds up to a great start, so let’s see what else we might find at The Gold Lounge . Settle in and read on.

Which casino software is in use here?

A better question would be how many types of casino software are in use. This is not a casino that offers just one source of games from one provider. Far from it – we get the chance to play games from the likes of Microgaming , Pragmatic Play, NetEnt , Yggdrasil , and many more besides. All the big names are there, but you will see plenty of other sources of gaming action too. That means there are hundreds of games to look forward to.

Can you sign up to The Gold Lounge from the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia?

The answer is no if you live anywhere in the United States. There is better news for Australians and Canadians living in those countries, as access is permitted to these areas. For Europe, the answer is a little murkier. Some countries on the continent are fine to sign up from, such as the UK. However, some appear on the banned list, so it is important to confirm your validity as a potential member before you try signing up. The terms and conditions will explain more.

What kinds of casino games will you find in The Gold Lounge?

Probably most of the games you would expect to find there. You can check out the games lots of other players are enjoying on the site, as these appear in the player favorites section. Meanwhile, there is another section for casino games, while instant win games and jackpot games both get their own sections.

Casino slots are everywhere… yet they don’t have a dedicated category

That is slightly strange, but you shouldn’t have much bother finding the slots that are available to play on the site. Firstly, you can choose to view all the games available from one provider if you wish. That is a good way to see what is on offer from a named brand. Secondly, you can find them in the jackpot section and in the new games section. Thirdly, the best slots everyone seems to love will always appear in that player favorites section. As such, you should find numerous ways to look out for the best slots on offer at The Gold Lounge… and there are plenty of them too.

Freeplay online casino games are only available if you’re a member

A few casinos make it easy for any passing person to try out their games, requiring no account to do so. However, The Gold Lounge fits in with most of the casinos online today in that they require you to sign up for a free account before you can try anything. We can confirm no deposit is required to do this. Signing up does mean you can look around and try a few demo versions of the games before considering whether to take things further.

Playing online casino games for real prizes

If you like what you see at the Lounge, you can think about whether you’d like to go on to try the games for a chance of getting some real prizes. For this to be a possibility, you will need to be willing to make a deposit and to wager some real bets on the games. There is no need to do this if you do not want to. However, some players do set a regular budget and enjoy this version of the many available games.

New slots at The Gold Lounge

Without a dedicated area for the slots on the site, you might assume it is a challenge to find anything new there. Not so – the newest slots are tucked into the section devoted to all the new games on the site. Sure, you will find a few other new games in there as well, but since slots take the lion’s share of the space on the site, most of the new titles relate to these games. With so many sources of games available at The Gold Lounge, you can count on finding new games available with pleasing regularity too.

Casino promotions for new and existing players

This wouldn’t be a great casino without a great welcome deal, of course. You can look forward to finding out more about the welcome package by reading the content at the top of the main page. You can also click through to the promotions page by looking for the message ALL PROMOTIONS. Click on that and you can read more.

While the match bonus is a great way to get things started, you can also enjoy cashback deals once you are using the site. They also promote a Happy Hour deal, along with other offers that are related to days of the week. Whenever you visit, check the promos first if you think you are going to deposit some cash at the site.

What about tournaments?

We could find no evidence of any tournaments being arranged or run at The Gold Lounge. Of course, if they only happen now and then, there could be little news of them at present. If you join the site, you will be among the first to know about anything new that is coming up.

How can you find out about casino payouts?

We don’t get any news about winners enjoying some success at this casino. However, you can find out how casino payouts are handled by reading through the content inside the FAQ page. We couldn’t see a page devoted to banking, but since you can read everything you need to know in the FAQs instead, you probably won’t miss it. Withdrawal information will vary according to the method chosen to get your hands on the cash.

The rewards club is open only to the most dedicated members

You may be aware that many casinos open their VIP doors to everyone who signs up and makes a deposit. That is not true of The Gold Lounge. Here, you must deposit a total of £2k to be accepted into the club. That is a lot of cash, and some players will undoubtedly reach that threshold far sooner than others. Don’t deposit simply to get to that level; always stay within your budget and view the VIP club as something extra, should you ever get there.

Try your favorite games in the mobile casino too

The mobile version of The Gold Lounge is a great place to visit. You will find most of the games you will be familiar with from the regular site are provided there too. The games will be fine to use on any device, from iOS to BlackBerry and Android to Windows. All you will need is the usual login.

An online casino app isn’t needed at The Gold Lounge

Just visit the site as you usually would – you don’t need an app if you’re using a mobile device.

Is it possible to play without registering at the casino?

No, you will need to open an account to be able to play any of the games, even if only for entertainment’s sake.

Instant play Flash games are available to try

While some casinos demand that you download their software, this method of play doesn’t suit all players. If you prefer to try Flash games in whatever browser you like to use, you can do so with ease at this casino. Just pick a game and go from there – the site will do the rest for you.

Could you become an affiliate for The Gold Lounge Casino?

It doesn’t look as though you can, as there was no information provided on this topic on the site.

You won’t find bookie services either

The site focuses on being the best online casino it can possibly be. It does a good job of it too, and therefore does not provide anything concerning bookie services.

Sports betting is also off the table

You may have guessed this given what we mentioned above. You won’t be able to wager on sporting events here.

Casino blog or forum entries – what can you learn from them?

You can find out more about The Gold Lounge Casino if you find information about it on other sites. The casino itself doesn’t provide blogging or forum entries, so it is necessary to do some research to see what you can find out elsewhere.

Did you know you can play some live dealer casino games too?

Not all players enjoy the live versions of their favorite casino games. However, if you do like the drama and live action offered in such games, you’ll be delighted to know The Gold Lounge does have a separate section for live dealer games. These are provided by the likes of Evolution and NetEnt, with the name of the provider indicated for each game. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and other titles can be found in this area.

Deposit methods are most easily found at the bottom of the page

The FAQs given lots of details pertaining to how you can deposit funds into your account. However, it is much easier to start with to check out the familiar logos that appear at the bottom of the site. There are card facilities there along with e-wallets, while Boku is the usual pay by mobile option.

If you want to know how to cash out, read the FAQs

This is the best way to learn more before you consider whether to sign up to use this casino. However, if you do open an account, you can read more information about withdrawing funds in the account itself. The process for cashing out is the same regardless of the method chosen, although some methods take longer than others to complete.

Could you make a deposit in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?

The Gold Lounge accepts many diverse payment methods. However, we see no signs of any virtual currencies included in that area.

Casino help is accessed inside the menu

The Gold Lounge provides live help to give you a chance to get some immediate answers if you should need them. They also provide the option to phone or email them. Many of the most popular questions they get are covered inside the FAQ though, so if you feel you would like to learn more, you can do so by reading that part of the site first. Live chat is always there should you need it.