A Switch In Time Slots

Although humankind is light-years away from actually travelling through time, gamers will enjoy the theme of A Switch in Time Slots. A Switch in Time Slots actually allows players to travel through time both through the past and to the future. This is every player’s dream, the ability to control time. A Switch in Time Slots is a 5 reel, 20 payline slots machine. This unique game has many levels that players will never get bored. Players can actually take a journey into three different time periods. How cool is that? The betting range is from the minimum of $0.01 to the maximum of $50. There are 10 coins per line. A Switch in Time Slots is a non-progressive slot machine.

A Switch in Time Graphics

The graphics of this game is top notch. The players take the role of an old school professor. This professor has just invented a time machine. The slot will change depending on the era in which gamers are playing in. They symbols change a well. Some of the symbols include: a saber tooth tiger, a pterodactyl, an angry caveman, a feisty cave woman, a small hit, a fossil, a grey mammoth, some spectacles, a Victorian man, a Victorian woman, a carriage, a small box, a golden clock, some pen and parchment, a gas lamp a laser gun, a space ship, a cyborg, a futuristic city, and an alien.

A Switch in Time Symbols

In A Switch in Time Slots, the WILD symbol is the Hour glass symbol. In this game the WILD symbol will substitute for all symbols except for the Time Machine and Victorian Lady symbols. However, if a player makes a winning combination using the Hour Glass symbols, all of their payouts will be doubled. The Hour Glass symbols will also expand during free spins. For A Switch in Time, there are two SCATTER symbols. The first one is the Victorian Lady. This SCATTER symbols will trigger Free Spins if players receive three or more of them. The second SCATTER symbol in A Switch in Time is the Time Machine Symbol. This SCATTER symbols will trigger the Bonus Round. As mentioned before, three of more Victorian Lady Symbols will activate the Free Spins. This SCATTER symbol will usually appear on Reel 1. If a player uses the Victorian Lady Symbol for winning combinations, expands and triple payouts will be given. For example, when 3 Victorian Lady Symbols appear, they will get a 3x multiplier and 12 free sings. If 4 SCATTER symbols appear players receive a 6 x multiplier and 45 Free Spins. Finally, if 5 Victorian Lady Symbols appear, players will get a 9x multiplier and 78 free spins. The second SCATTER symbols activated the Bonus Round. A Switch in Time Bonus round is quite fun. A new screen will appear, and directions will be told to the Time Machine. Players must make a selection of the 15 buttons on the screen. In A Switch in Time Bonus Round, certain combinations will determine weather the player visits the Past or Future Games. Each selection the player makes will give a prize award of coins. The Past and Future games have different symbols as well.

A Switch in Time has many levels for players to enjoy. They will get to play with a whole variety of symbols. They will have ample amounts to do and will not get bored with the graphics. Go on and play this game till your heart’s content.