7th Heaven Slots

Enjoy a little bit of heaven as you spin and win substantial amounts of cash. 7th Heaven slots resembles a classic slot, but adds the bonuses, free spins, and multipliers you'd expect from an interactive bonus slot game. This touch of old-time casino gaming and blend of bonus features really turn this into a game you won't forget.

Unlike many online slot games, 7th Heaven slots is an 18 payline game. As some of the symbols need to only appear once in order to win cash, you'll find it's pretty easy to repeatedly win some coins with every spin.

Poker Suits Play an Important Role

The bottom of the paytable starts with the bar symbols found in any classic slot game and are worth 25 to 250 coins if you match three. The spade, club, diamond, and heart are next with payouts of 25 to 1,000 coins if you have at least three matches. The poker suits also lead to a special bonus game if you're lucky. Cherries and bells only need two matches to earn some cash, and prizes for these symbols range from 25 to 1,500 coins.

There are three seven symbols – red, green, and gold. Green are worth 35 to 2,500 if you get at least two matching symbols. The remaining symbols payout even if you only have one symbol appear. Blue are worth 10 to 3,750; and red are worth 20 to 5,000.

7th Heaven Bonus Features

The colorful wild “W” appears on the second, third, and fourth reel. When the wild appears with one of the 7s to create a winning combination, the wild will expand to help you earn even more. Wins containing a seven are doubled by the wild symbol.

There is a multi-suit scatter that appears on the third, fourth, and fifth reel. If it appears on each of the reels, a colorful wheel with the four suits (heart, spade, club, and diamond) appears on the screen. Watch the wheel spin and reveal your price. You'll earn up to 12 free spins and if the reels stop on the suit the spinner stopped on, you earn extra cash.

If you get three Gem Party symbols on the first three reels, you earn a trip to the Gem Party Bonus. During this bonus, the reels fill with sparkling gems in seven different colors. Matching at least three gems on a payline delivers a prize that starts with 50 coins. If the reels stop and five blue gems cover a payline, enjoy the jackpot of 7,500 coins. You get seven free spins on the Gem Party reels, so the cash prizes build up quickly.

Are you ready to give heaven a chance to reward you? Play 7th Heaven slots at your favorite Betsoft casino. Be sure to take advantage of welcome, no deposit, and reload bonuses before you play.