Golden Goal Slots

Any goal is a good one – unless it is an own goal, of course. So, while this is a good title for a slot, we don’t yet know how exciting the game itself will be. Play’n Go has developed some cool slots already, so will the Golden Goal one be another good one to add… or will it be their own goal?

Quantity of reels and lines

If you were thinking of five reels and lots of lines to bet on, think again. We get three reels and one line in action here.

Coins you can use on each line

For coins, read coin… because you can play with just one. A 25-cent coin must be wagered on every spin, although you can increase your bet to as many as three quarters per go. That might be too rich for some.

Special symbols worth watching out for

This is where we learn why the game is called Golden Goal. To score one of these, you’d need a golden football, right? That is what you will see here as the wild. It will help you score wins with other symbols, but one or two footballs on their own will score prizes as well.

The main attraction here though is the prize given for three golden footballs on the payline. This is the jackpot combination and it could be better than you think. Playing one coin on the line means you will score 800 coins in return. Two coins lead to a prize of 1,600 coins in return.

However, a three-coin bet receiving three golden footballs is the combination needed to score the progressive jackpot. Yes, this small game includes one of those, so who knows how much you might win if you bet three coins and managed to find those footballs?

Bonus features

The slot game focuses all its energies on those golden footballs. Be sure you look out for those, as there are no bonuses to win elsewhere.

Check out the Golden Goal slot available for download now

This makes a refreshing change from the bigger and more complex football slot games around today. If you like simple slots with progressive jackpots up for grabs, this one might be the one you will want to play. Make sure you try your luck by taking the Golden Goal slot for a spin now.