Cleopatra Jewel Of Egypt Slots

Of all the countries in the world, Egypt must surely rank as one of the most popular to visit in the world of slot games. We get the chance to visit once again here too, thanks to the delights of the Cleopatra: Jewel of Egypt slot.

You will find yourself in a stunning location, surrounded by Egyptian drawings on the walls. Are those pillars or pots beside the reels? We cannot tell, but we do know there are treasures to be found here…

Reels and paylines

The game provides a generous 40 paylines to enjoy. These are spread over five reels and the format of the lines is revealed if you check the paytable before you play.

Coins in use

Would you like to play a penny per line in this slot? You are permitted to do that. You can also check out a few other coins if you’d like to increase your minimum bet.

Cleopatra Jewel of Egypt special symbols

Cleopatra is mentioned in the title of the game, so it would be surprising if we did not meet her at some stage during the game itself. Fortunately, we can do just that. She is useful too, since she appears as the wild symbol. She will show up on reels two, three, and four.

There is only one thing Cleopatra won’t substitute for, and that is the scatter. Not surprisingly, this is shown as a pyramid. It’s labeled as well, just in case you don’t recognize it!

Cleopatra Jewel of Egypt bonus features

While you can score a scatter win for three, four, or five of those pyramids appearing, you can also score some free spins for your efforts. You will secure more if you can find more scatters, with up to 40 free games available to win on any base game spin.

The wilds also contribute multipliers to these games. Two wilds would bring a 2x multiplier to your prizes in that spin, and three would increase that to 3x. This brings an added benefit to your gameplay.

Download and enjoy a spin on the Cleopatra Jewel of Egypt slot game now

Cleopatra was thought of as the jewel of Egypt and is largely still considered as such today. You don’t need to be a history buff to enjoy this game. You simply need to have a budget that accommodates a 40-line slot with penny bets on each line.