Castle Builder II Slots

Just when you think you have seen every permutation of slot game possible, something new comes along to change your view. Castle Builder was just such a game when it was released a few years ago. It has spawned a sequel too – a good sign the original game met with lots of success.

But why is this slot deserving of praise? Let’s find out.

It offers a detailed five-reel slot with 15 paylines

Fewer paylines than you may have guessed, but this makes it easier for lots of players with different budgets to get in on the action. This is the base game though – there is a lot more to Castle Builder than this.

While you can deselect some of the lines, there is a good reason why you shouldn’t do this. You will find out more about this shortly, as you learn more about Castle Builder.

You get to build castles as you play

Notice the reels appear to the right of your screen? That’s because you will build a castle on the left. As you play, you can find between two and five building materials icons in a spin. These could be worth anything from a standard amount through bronze and silver to gold. The value will help determine the value of the completed castle.

Continue to build castles, choose suitors, and visit new kingdoms

Whenever you complete a castle, you will meet the king and choose a suitor for his daughter. There are various prizes on offer, and these will get bigger according to the value of your castle.

The game allows you to build new castles and visit far-flung kingdoms too. It never takes ages to complete a build, and you can watch progress as you play. We would recommend you always cover all 15 lines though, as those building materials must appear on a paid line to count towards the construction process.

The ongoing storyline in this Castle Builder slot draws you in and makes the game far more entertaining than it would otherwise be. The story is arguably what has made this game into a huge success. The sequel is arguably even better. We’re surprised there haven’t been more games along these lines since. It is a huge hit and deservedly so.

How many castles will you build if you try this slot today?