Super Wilds XL Slots

Super Wilds XL does suggest that you might get some wild symbols in action during this slot game. However, it doesn’t give away much beyond that. So, we got curious and decided to play it to see what’s what. We’ve put together a full slot review here for you, so make sure you read through the details before trying it for yourself.

Developer information to start things off

This game is one of many you can try from Genesis Gaming.

You can play the game in demo mode too

And this is the best way to find out more about the game and its many features. It plays out just as it would if you tried the real thing, although of course the outcome of any spin is unpredictable.

Did you guess the theme?

We doubt it because it really doesn’t reveal itself in the title. We can confirm, however, that the game is based on superheroes. We’ll explain more about how this works as we go through our review.

A design to remember

Super Wilds XL features a cityscape in the background. It reminds us a little of a comic-style slot game, although there are a few tweaks to make it stand out on its own. You’ll see several colorful superheroes on the reels, along with some enemies and other icons as well.

Let’s play Super Wilds XL

This gives you a 5 x 3 format, as you might have supposed, although that’s where the standard features end. There are five wilds in this game, so you might soon forget there are no progressive jackpots available. The regular wild is labeled as SUPERWILDS with SW in yellow and red. Meanwhile, the superheroes also behave as wilds. These are Multiplier Man appearing in two guises, as the Tripler and Doubler, Expando-Man, and the Spin Twins!

You won’t see a scatter in this game, but with all those wilds able to appear in any spin, things are going to get interesting rather quickly.

How many paylines in Super Wilds XL?

There are 25 of them, and you can see how they’re laid out by accessing the paytable.

Place your bets before you play

You can select the dollar sign to open the betting options screen. The smallest line bet is six cents, giving a $1.50 total wager. If you go to the maximum $10 line bet, you’re looking at a giant wager of $250 on a single spin.

See how the wilds look in the paytable

Since there are so many, you can see how they all work there. Once you’ve read through the info supplied, you can get a better idea of what to expect from this superhero-themed slot.

Any bonuses to look for?

No, although the free spin feature should make up for that…

Free spins available in Super Wilds XL

You must find three wilds anywhere in view to receive 15 free spins. However, the triggering wilds and their features are going to change the way you play those free spins. Multiplier Man has two versions, as we know, so the Tripler offers 3x the usual prizes, while the Doubler offers 2x the usual amounts. However, you might land one of each Multiplier Man possibilities in the triggering combination. If so, the multipliers work together. In this example, you’d get 6x on all prizes won during the free games.

If you trigger the round with Expando-Man, you’ll receive expanding wilds during the free games. Finally, the Spin Twins give extra free spins away – five more for each triggering symbol of this type. So, you could end up with a far more intriguing free spin feature than you’d think.

RTP doesn’t appear anywhere

We scoured the available information and could find nothing within the game to suggest the return to player value.

Our rating for Super Wilds XL

You soon forget there’s no scatter here, and since we have so many wilds to look for, they more than make up for the lack of scatter prizes. Find a few of those and you’re guaranteed to score some amazing free spins to play. This game gets 8 out

of 10 points from our review team.

Plenty of potential for decent wins in the free spins

Depending on how you trigger the round, you could net more spins than you think, or you could get some bigger prize multipliers. If you managed to get two or three appearances of Multiplier Man within the combination of three wilds, you could get far bigger prizes than usual.

Play the demo of Super Wilds XL today

This is an awesome game and certainly one to try for a bit before deciding whether to move over to the real thing.

Play for real if you’re keen to go for real prizes

Remember the minimum bet per spin before you begin though. If you’re happy with it, you can play the game at participating casinos today.

Mobile gaming also available

Yes, the superheroes can follow you wherever you go, to give you a chance to play some amazing spins with Super Wilds XL.