Lovable Pets Slots

Do you have any pets at home? If you do – or even if not – you’ll want to check out this slot game based on that idea. It’s one of those games that makes the theme clear in the title alone, but there is a lot more going on beneath the surface.

If you are curious to find out what makes this game more appealing than others based on a similar theme, read our review to get some answers today.

Do we know the identity of the developer?

We do, as this is another game that we can add to the ever-growing RTG slot game collection.

Demo access is always there with RTG

Yes, and they haven’t let us down here either. You can load the practice version and give that a try before deciding whether to play with your real budget.

Does the theme work well?

It does, with four cute animals appearing on the reels. We have a kitten, a puppy, a fish, and a… well, we’re not sure, but it is cute and furry and therefore qualifies as a lovable pet!

Top marks for a great design?

We think so, yes. The colors are just right, never veering into pastels and not standing out as being too bright either. The backdrop is nice and simple, offering blue skies and white clouds hovering over green fields and trees.

The basic features in Lovable Pets slots

You’ll find a surprise when you load this game – six reels instead of five. Each one has four icons on it too. You won’t find a progressive involved here, but there are ample prizes sitting in the paytable.

There are two important symbols to be aware of before you play. The first is a W, representing the wild, appearing in lots of colors inside a purple icon. The second is the game logo, used in this game as a scatter. Neither of these symbols can show up on reel one, but they both appear across the five remaining reels.

What about paylines?

You won’t find any in this game, because RTG has decided to use the all ways format instead. This means there are 4,096 ways you could pick up a prize on each spin. How good is that?

Available bets in Lovable Pets slots

They use a bet multiplier of 50x on each spin, which means you can choose a coin, multiply it by 50, and get your spin bet from that.

Paytable information

We like the paytable here, all on one screen so you can scroll through it to read whatever you want to find. We suggest you do just that before you begin play, so you can see how things might pan out.

Does Lovable Pets have a bonus feature?

There is something called a Guaranteed Re-Spin Win, but this is random rather than assured. The potential trigger is a losing spin of the reels on a base game… but remember it may happen rather than being guaranteed to happen.

The one bit that is guaranteed is a prize. If this feature does trigger, the reels will spin until a prize-winning combination turns up. At this stage, a multiplier could boost your overall prize between 1x and 7x the original amount.

What about some free spins?

The above feature cannot occur during these spins, but you can trigger eight, 12, or 16 free games by finding three, four, or five logos scattered around the reels. There is a multiplier feature in these too, with each spin having a multiplier of between 1x and 7x. If you win something, the multiplier is applied before your win is granted.

What about the RTP value?

We don’t know this detail as nothing appears in the paytable. It seems likely the percentage is going to remain vague, as that is common with RTG slots.

How high is our rating for this game?

We can assure you of an 8/10 experience with this title, as there is a lot to check out and enjoy along the way. The theme may not be for everyone, but if you like it we think you’ll like the overall performance as well.

What’s the most you could snag in prize money?

One spin can return up to 4,536x your bet in this game. That is a hefty amount of potential for a single slot spin but remember that most prizes will be a lot lower. It’s nice to see though, right?

Play for some entertainment today

That’s the way to make sure you check out this slot in detail without any risk to your gaming budget. It means you can find out whether to add Lovable Pets to your list of favorite slots to play.

And if you do play for real…

Look for a welcome bonus at your selected RTG casino today. It could be just the thing to help you get underway with some spins on this slot game.

Mobile access is also cool to have

And this game does come with that option. You can check it out on Android and iOS devices today. Play Lovable Pets on your device and let those cute pets follow you wherever you go.