Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

That is the big question, and it is a question we will aim to answer for you here. You can expect to meet a fruit bat in this game, and since they are associated with fruit, you can look out for plenty of that too. The game looks rather basic to begin with, but don’t let that fool you. This game holds a few surprises in store for anyone who wants to check it out.

What do you need to know about the game?

There are fruity symbols in store in the game, appearing in every spin. The bat may not appear as often as you think, but when it does it relates to a special feature. While lots of slot games have fruit icons on the reels, this one does not align with the usual basic themes.

Which slot game developer created it?

Betsoft is behind the Fruit Bat Crazy slot game. That could be why the game looks basic when you load it. It’s in 2D rather than the 3D format they are usually associated with. Furthermore, you might think the icons are simpler than those seen in their other games. They do like to create slots with some differences though, and that holds true of this one as well.

Does Fruit Bat Crazy have a demo play option?

It does, and this is how we were introduced to the game. The best way to become attuned to the format and workings of a game is to try a demo. This will come with all the features you might find in the title, as is the case here.

Fruit or bats – what’s the theme?

Both! There is just one bat in action here, and there are various fruits you will see throughout the game. The idea is simple enough – match enough fruit on a line to secure a prize, while watching for the bat too. It’s not a wild though, but we’ll tell you more about that shortly. Expect to see gold bells and red sevens here as well.

Information about the game design

This is a slot where the background doesn’t have much to do. Instead, all the focus is on the reels. While we prefer 3D slots (Betsoft has spoiled us with these in the past), we still like the look of this one. There are nice details too, such as the vines running up the sides of the reels.

Which slot game type or style is this?

We have five reels to start spinning here, and there are some free games to find if you are fortunate. There isn’t a bonus, but there is another feature we will come to shortly, called the Exploding Win Ladder. Meanwhile, Betsoft has decided to forego a progressive jackpot in this title.

Does it have paylines?

No, because Betsoft has included all 243 possible ways you could win on the 5 x 3 grid instead.

Considering your betting options

There is a wide range of bets available here, going from 40 cents per spin up to $40 at most.

Reading through the paytable

This reveals more about how the game works and how the special features can be triggered. The best bit of the game is the Fruit Bat Crazy feature, which involves some free games. Meanwhile, that Exploding Win Ladder will be explored in our next section.

We said the fruit bat was not a wild – that role is given to a diamond instead. It only pops up on reels two and four though. There are Bonus Buy Coins to hunt for too. These reduce the cost of buying your way into the special Fruit Bat feature if you don’t want to wait to get there. The coins are collected whenever they appear, which they can do over reels two, three, and four.

What about a bonus round?

Let’s focus on the Exploding Win Ladder here. The idea is that whenever you get a successful combination, all the icons in it will explode. They disappear and are replaced by the ones above them dropping to fill those positions. New icons will then fill the remaining spots on the screen.

That sounds familiar, no doubt, but the difference is that the symbols disappear in order of value, with the lowest-valued ones going first. We tried a few practice spins and on one occasion, we had a winning spin followed by five additional prizes on the win ladder. Only when no other winning lines were found did the next proper spin begin.

Are there free spins to find here too?

There are, and you could win as many as 200 free games here. Three fruit bats will give you 10 freebies, and the more you find in a spin, the more games you get. If the reels are filled with 15 fruit bats in a spin, you would secure all 200 you could possibly get.

Game RTP details

These are not yet available, so we will let you know when we discover the return to player value for this slot game.

Discover our slot game rating for Fruit Bat Crazy

This is not our favorite from Betsoft, but we like it a lot more than we thought we would. Those fruit bats can be very useful to spot for obvious reasons, and the Exploding Win Ladder gives a traditional game another good tweak too. We’d rank this as a 7 out of 10 game. Would you agree with that assessment?

Will you be among the slot game winners?

You will only know if you play the game, although of course there is no guarantee you’ll get any prizes for your trouble. Always sort out a budget you are happy to play with first, and read the paytable to understand how prizes are awarded during the game.

Playing for fun is the best way to begin

Yes, this is a good idea as you can see how the fruit bat feature comes into play. You will also see how the Exploding Win Ladder works. This is a feature you will have seen before, but with a slight twist that gives the game something different to offer. You can view all this when playing the demo game.

You could swap to play for real money if you wish

It’s up to you whether you just want some entertainment or whether you want a chance to score any real prizes. Fruit Bat Crazy is worth trying for fun first, but if you do want to play the real thing, you can do so at any casino offering Betsoft games.

Mobile play for Android/iOS is also a possibility

As with all other new Betsoft releases, the Fruit Bat Crazy slot will be available on all platforms. That means you can enjoy it wherever you are.