Fat Cat Cafe Slots

The Fat Cat Café sounds like one of those real cafes where you get to pet all kinds of cats as they lounge around on windowsills and chairs. While you can expect to find some cats in this café, they have specific roles to play. They’re not there just for the fusses!

Which developer came up with this idea?

The Fat Cat Café slot game comes to us from Realtime Gaming. You might also know them as RTG.

It has a demo version to try too if you like

This is nice to know, because the game has some unusual elements involved. Knowing how they work is easy to grasp when you can play the demo first.

Find out more about the theme

We know the game is set in a café, but is there anything else you should know? There are cats involved – four of them – and you’ll spot lots of tasty items for sale too. Pity you don’t get any real donuts with this game, although those slices of cake look mighty tasty too…

The design is very appealing

This is not the sort of game we would recommend if you are feeling hungry. Instead, we suggest you get a snack or two before you explore it in more detail. The interior of the café looks appealing enough, but the cakes and sweet treats are the highlight of the game. That and the cats, of course. The detail is very nice although everything is in 2D. Probably just as well, otherwise those donuts would look even nicer.

Fat Cat Café: Basic features

This five-reel slot is bigger than you might expect, offering five symbols per reel to give a square format. The prizes are limited to the ones in the paytable, although there are some cool amounts up for grabs if you can string some matching symbols together.

There is a wild involved, shown as a cup of coffee. This replaces all the cakes and sweet treats on the reels, but it cannot substitute for any of the cats. There are four of those, which we’ll cover shortly.

Are there any paylines here?

No – the game is based on the cluster pays format. This means you need to get at least four identical symbols –wilds are good too if you can find them – to score a prize. The more you find, the bigger the prize. Only matching symbols in horizontal or vertical format count here.

Make sure your budget suits this game

We say that because the minimum bet per spin is $2. This increases to a maximum of $3k, so you can see the game is aimed at the players with much bigger budgets.

Paytable details are available prior to play

Making sure you understand the rules of any game is an important part of playing any slot. The same applies here, and you can learn everything you need to know by checking out the paytable.

Bonus possibilities in the Fat Cat Café slot game

This slot has Cascading Reels involved. You know the sort of thing – get a match prize, watch as those symbols disappear, and then see others falling into their spaces. The grid is completed, and you then see if another prize is possible. This carries on until nothing new is won. There is a multiplier donut that comes into play here too. It starts on 1x but with each subsequent win it raises by 1x. The highest it goes is 6x if you can get that many cascades occurring in succession.

We have yet to mention the cats. We’ll do so now. Each one has a separate role to play. You only need to find one on the reels in any position to trigger its bonus feature. One of them takes out the row of icons it sits on, while another takes out its column of icons. A third does both those things, while the fourth clears every icon that appears directly around it.

Free spins? Not in this cafe

No, you cannot hope to pick up any spins in this game.

No RTP is available yet

The information hasn’t been made available.

Does this slot get a good rating from us?

Yes, we think this does rank as an 8 out of 10 game. While there are no bonus rounds or free spins, the presence of those cats is never that far away.

What is the largest available prize?

You could get up to 3,000x your bet if things fell in the right order for you. Throw in that multiplier feature though, rising to 6x if you can string some wins together, and you could get a nice return.

We suggest starting with the demo

This is the best way to make sure you can enjoy some great gaming with this slot. You can’t tell whether you are going to like it until you try, right?

RTG casinos let you play for real too

If you want to switch to real play, you know where to go.

Mobile action in the Fat Cat Café

As a modern release, the game is great to play and that applies to all mobile platforms as well.