Elemental 7 Slots

With a title like Elemental 7, you’d expect seven separate elements to show up when you play, right? We did, but were we correct to think along those lines? We are going to share the results of our explorations into the Elemental 7 slot game with you now. Are you prepared to take that journey with us?

Welcome to Elemental 7

It sounds like a planet, doesn’t it? We’ll reveal whether that is true shortly but suffice to say we have discovered a good slot here that is worth looking into more deeply.

Developer information

No doubt you have heard of Saucify or perhaps BetOnSoft during your travels between casinos. You may not realize they are one and the same and are responsible for the creation of this game.

They’ve given us a demo to try too

We always like to see an available demo for online slots, and this one gets one of those.

Does Elemental 7 boast a promising theme?

There is an ethereal sense permeating through every part of this slot game. Elements are the theme, as you might have guessed, with many of them appearing during the action.

The design takes you into space

That would seem an appropriate spot to play this game. The reel design is nice and worth a mention. The icons float in space but there are lines dividing each reel from the one next to it. The design of those lines makes the reels seem to come closer during play, which we like a lot. There are some neat details in this that don’t serve any other purpose than to make the game look better.

What should you expect from the main elements of this slot?

Well, there are five reels in play, with the usual 5 x 3 format used here. There is no sign of a progressive jackpot or two, so those aren’t part of the action.

The most colorful symbol of all is the elemental star. As you might guess, this is wild and contains all the elements you might see elsewhere in the game. You can expect the wild to appear over the middle three reels, expanding whenever it turns up to maximize your winning options. It won’t replace the scatter, but everything else is good.

The scatter looks like a purple crystal, while the other symbols represent each of the elements referred to in the title.

How many paylines should you expect?

There are 10 involved, but they pay in each direction rather than just from left to right. They’ve called it Double Direction, but it is known as All Ways Pays in other games, so you might be familiar with it.

Choosing a suitable bet

One coin on each line means it is easy to figure out the total bet for the game. Each coin is worth from one cent to $5, so you can work out your bet from those.

Where is the paytable?

While some use info icons and question marks, this game uses PAYTABLE. Isn’t that convenient? It’s located in the bottom left corner.

No bonus to speak of here

That’s about all we can say about that.

Free spins in Elemental 7 slots

If you can find three, four, or five of those purple scatter symbols, you will get four, six, or eight freebies to play. Anything won during this part of the slot is doubled from its usual value. Find three further scatters and you get the chance to play more freebies, which would be added to your remaining ones.

The freebies also include a random wild symbol, and if it shows up, another symbol is chosen at random to change into a wild. This occurs on just that spin, so it makes the game more interesting to view for longer.

RTP details for this game

We’ll keep this part short, as there isn’t a publicized RTP for this game.

Does this game rate highly in our opinion?

We’re giving this one 7 out of 10. The free games are good to reach if you can, and we liked the extra wild there. However, the lack of a bonus makes it a bit samey if you play it over a longer period.

No sign of any big winners

Nothing that has hit the news, anyway. The lack of a progressive jackpot is likely to be the reason for that.

Should you start Elemental 7 by trying the demo?

We do suggest this as an option, sure. We think the demo reveals just what a game is like. No matter how good a review is, it cannot replicate the experience of trying the real game.

Play with some real wagers in action

But only if you want to and have the budget for it, of course. Fortunately, this game offers a lower spin bet than many others.

Mobile gaming with Elemental 7

The game is good enough to play quite easily on a mobile device. All platforms should be able to accommodate this slot, even though the controls will be different. They’re easy enough to get the hang of.