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Are you going to meet Dr WinMore in the slot of the same name, we wonder? No need to wonder if you would like to read our full game review right here. This is the title of a new game coming soon, but we already have many of the facts and figures about this slot. Are you going to learn more before the game begins?

Do we know the identity of the developer?

We do – the game is released by Realtime Gaming (RTG). This is good news, as their games tend to be very appealing and entertaining.

Can you expect to play a demo version of Dr WinMore?

Yes, you can load the demo if you wish, and since there are some intriguing features involved, we suggest this is a great way to get started.

What’s the theme?

This game has a science theme, complete with test tubes, bottles of weird liquids, machinery, and the mad doctor himself appearing on one of the icons.

Design features to expect in this slot game

The design gives us an outer space-style backdrop, which looks very good when the game loads and gets underway. You can also expect some robotic features, especially regarding the Dr WinMore logo, which looks as if it has some lights, cogs, and other machinery behind it. The doctor himself appears to the other side of the reels, holding the winning amount section.

Getting down to basics: The main features in Dr WinMore

There are five reels here, but it may surprise you to see that each reel stands five high as well. There is a wild icon, represented by a large cog with Dr WinMore’s face in the middle of it. This is labeled as well, so it is easy to see whenever it appears.

The game looks great in action, as the symbols drop out of view before being replaced by others dropping in from above. As such, the reels don’t spin, but that is a good alteration to the usual appearance you would see.

Whenever you get a prize, those winning icons pop and vanish. You might know what happens next – everything above the spaces drops into position, and new symbols appear at the top of the game to complete the 5 x 5 grid once more. This is accompanied by a multiplier which appears inside a circle underneath the third reel. The first prize raises this to 2x from the base level of 1x. Every successive winning spin sends it 1x higher, so the more wins you can string together, the bigger the latter ones will be. The best outcome is for five or more wins in a row, which would trigger the maximum 6x multiplier. Of course, when you get a losing spin, the multiplier resets to 1x.

The game also includes a robot symbol that could come in useful. We’ll reveal more about this shortly.

How many paylines are involved?

There are none in this game – instead it works on a cluster pays format. At least four identical symbols are required to gain a prize, and these must appear horizontally or adjacent to each other to be counted.

Choose your bets using the plus and minus buttons

Since this is an RTG game, you can count on having lots of bet amounts to choose from. Cluster prizes give you just one bet to pick per spin, too. Your bet amount is seen below the first reel, with the plus and minus buttons giving you the option to go through them.

Go through the paytable to determine how everything works

The paytable is the key to understanding how the game is played. Dr WinMore does have a few surprises up his sleeve!

Are there any bonus features?

Let’s cover that robot symbol we mentioned earlier. It can appear randomly on the reels and stays there when it appears, remaining in position until every other winning combo on the screen is completed.

Once this has occurred, the robots clear the screen in one of four patterns. They may clear icons appearing adjacent to the robot’s position, for example. The other three possibilities are to clear a row, a column, or both of those. This will occur for each robot even if you haven’t had a winning spin.

There are no free spins though

That said, you can gain some additional spins via the multiplier feature, so that makes up for the lack of freebies here.

Do we know what the RTP is for Dr WinMore slots?

No – this has not yet been released.

Our rating for Dr WinMore

This one looks good and has some similarities to another recent release from RTG, which was called Pulsar. If you liked that one, chances are you are going to like this as well. We’re rating it as an 8/10 game.

What is the best outcome to gain on the reels?

Some winners might be fortunate enough to gain 300x their bet for a spin. However, we think the best prizes come from getting a string of wins in a row, thanks to that multiplier feature.

Play the demo to see how things pan out

Is Dr WinMore going to be the best and most helpful doc you’ve ever met?

Play for real at your favorite RTG online casino

Since the game comes from Realtime Gaming, you can count on finding it in the new slots collection of any of their casinos.

Don’t miss the chance to play on mobile platforms either

This is an accessible slot game, based across all platforms including desktop, Android, iOS, and more.

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Dr WinMore Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, video
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.05
SymbolsDr WinMore, Light Bulb, Mechanical Device, Plasma Globe, Test Tubes
Bonus roundFree Spins Feature
SoftwareReal Time Gaming
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