Crazy Cat Lady Slots

Few titles tell you as much about the slot game experience that is to come than this one, right? Crazy Cat Lady does feature the lady of the title, and you’ll be able to meet a few of her cats too. They all have names, including Tiger and Sam, so get ready to say hello, to look for some prizes, and to see what’s available in other parts of the game.

Developer info to start things off

It’s always nice to see where a game comes from, and in this case, we can tell you that it was released by Wager Gaming.

Is there a demo alongside the proper game?

Most Wager Gaming titles do have practice versions available. However, we’ve noticed that lots of their progressive jackpot titles do not. That could be why we were unable to try this one without making real bets on it.

A surprising and amusing theme

Well, the title tells you all you need to know about this slot, right? You can see how the theme works as we progress further through our review, too.

Design features to look for in Crazy Cat Lady slots

The slot sets the scene with a suburban street, while giving you a chance to find plenty of cats on the reels. Other symbols linked to cats and the theme itself appear there as well.

Let’s get ready to play Crazy Cat Lady slots

The game does indeed give you the chance to play for a progressive prize, so let’s see which other elements are involved. There are five reels in play, and you’ll find out what two of the symbols look like as the game loads. One of her cats has yellow eyes, offering a chance to get some free spins with its help. Another cat looks far grumpier, and this is a bonus symbol. You’ll also stand a chance of finding their owner during the game, and she’s the wild.

Paylines available in this slot game

There are plenty here, with a whopping 100 lines in action.

Choose your bets wisely and carefully

You don’t get the usual range of bets this outfit likes to use, but the minimum one-cent wager is there. That’s good to know with 100 lines to play on, as the cent makes a dollar wager for covering all of them. The highest bet is just a quarter.

Paytable details you should know first

The game offers a paytable, as you’d expect, and this shows you what all the icons look like. Some are worth more than others, as usual, so you can see which ones are better to find during the game.

Is there a bonus feature in Crazy Cat Lady slots?

Well, we do have a bonus symbol, so yes, there is. Find five bonus symbols to reach the Cat in the Box Jackpot bonus. There’s no clue to the value of the prizes available in the round, but the game has four cats involved, with each one promising a different prize value. So, while getting to the bonus could prove tricky, if you do reach it, there is some potential involved.

Free spins from another cat

This time, you need three of the yellow-eyed cats to earn 10 free games. When loading the game, we realized it told us about an award called Win an Entry, but there were no other details for that one. It’s great to see some free spins available though.

RTP info

It looks like the slot doesn’t give any clear details on this score.

Our rating for the entertaining cat-filled slot game

This has plenty to suggest it could be a feline hit. We’re giving it 8.5 points out of 10. Would you agree with that?

The best prizes are via the jackpot game

With four potential prizes there, we guess anyone managing to reach that round is going to stand a chance of walking away with a cool jackpot prize. How big could that become, though?

You can’t try this one ahead of real play

While most of their slots do have demo versions, this isn’t one of them. We reckon

you’ll need to join a Wager Gaming casino and load the game to see more about it before deciding whether to play.

Play the real version if you can cover all the lines

You’re looking at a dollar per spin, so make sure that suits your budget first.

Mobile gaming with the Crazy Cat Lady

Yes, you can meet her on Android and iOS devices if you wish, as it’s ideal to play on mobile.