Carol of the Elves Slots

Carol is a name - a nice festive name, you might say. However, we think the Carol of the Elves slot game refers to music rather than anything else. We've certainly got some elves to meet in this game, so let's get underway with our complete slot game review to find out what's in store for us in this Christmassy game.

Who is the developer behind the game?

The Carol of the Elves slot comes from Yggdrasil Gaming, the outfit with a modern tree logo to support the brand.

Don't miss your chance to play a demo game

You never know what to expect before playing any slot for the first time. Fortunately, Carol of the Elves does come with a practice version to try.

You'll work out the theme, we're sure

The game has a festive theme, of course, focusing on elves more than anything else. You'll still see some other Christmas-themed elements on the way though.

A wonderful Christmas design gets things underway

The reels have a golden surround, and you can see a wreath draped over the top and down the sides. There is an elf on either side too, but we'll explain more about those shortly. If you look closely, you'll also see it is snowing behind all the symbols landing on the reels.

How to play the Carol of the Elves slot game

This is a five-reel slot, but there are five symbols per reel, so it has a square format. However, some of the spots on the reels are blocked to start with, so you've got some rules to learn about before you play. More about those in a second.

It may come as a surprise - or a shock - but there are no wilds or scatters in this game. You do get the chance to spot Magic Stars though, and these have an important role to play.

Way wins replace paylines here

Carol of the Elves begins with three symbols in each corner of the reel set blocked from play. This means you get 45 ways to play to start with. As you unblock various spaces, you'll end up with a maximum of 3,125 ways to play on the reels.

Coin values to choose from

The smallest value really is small, coming in at 0.004 per coin. This gives you the minimum $0.10 bet per spin. The biggest coin value is $6, which means you'll play the maximum spin bet of $150. If you choose this, a message appears on the screen to confirm it.

Make sure you read through the paytable

This is the best way to understand the rules of the game. And since this game works differently to many others we've seen, it is the ideal way to begin, just by exploring the rules first.

Bonus features in Carol of the Elves

Whenever you score a prize, you'll earn Magic Stars. These have the power to destroy some of those blocking symbols. When you do this, you end up increasing the available way wins, and you can keep track of these by looking in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

Those elves we mentioned earlier sit on either side of the screen. They keep track of the two Lantern Collections in the game. When you remove all the blockers from the reels, you'll trigger both Lantern Collections.

This feature gives you a 2x win multiplier, with a 1x multiplier awarded for every set of five green lanterns lit. You'll see the lanterns on the screen and soon come to understand how they work. A few demo spins make it easier to work out the process.

Both collections also give you another life. Again, you need to trigger both to get this. You also get another life every time you hit five red lanterns. Each elf takes care of one of the Lantern Collections, so you'll see them on screen throughout the game.

No free spins to look for

It doesn't seem as if Santa has brought us any in this game.

They reveal the RTP inside the game rules area

The return to player percentage in this game is 96.2%.

Our rating for Carol of the Elves

This one is certainly unusual, and it can take a while to really get the hang of what's going on with those features. However, that's what the demo version is for, so check that out and see what you think. We think it's ideal for an 8.5 out of 10 score.

What's the biggest prize available?

The game rules reveal that the slot has unlocked a prize of up to 5,800x your bet, although this is rare. Mostly, the prizes are worth far less than this, of course.

You should begin with the demo game

It becomes easier to see what's in store for you if you begin with the demo, as you can get a better idea of the blockers and the Lantern Collections if you do this.

Play for real from an affordable price

Always double check the coin value and the cash bet - both shown on screen - before you play the real version of Carol of the Elves.

Mobile action available too this festive season

Say hello to the elves on your Android or iOS device too if you wish. The game looks just as festive on there.