Bridezilla Slots

Planning weddings can transform women into monsters, which is precisely what Bridezilla, the online Microgaming slot is about. This game pictures women on their wedding day and perfectly captures the nervous tension that accompanies many weddings. The slot has a bright cartoon style, and it's fun and interesting to look at before you even begin playing. Learn more about its features or lack of features, and you'll know if this is a slot you want to spend time playing.

243 Cluster Paylines

There are 243 ways to win each time you spin while playing this slot. Those odds are decent and offer added excitement when playing the slot. Each time you turn the reels, you have a slight chance of uncovering at least a small prize win.

Low Stakes Wagering Limits

While many slot games allow gamblers to wager high and low amounts of money with every spin, this is more limited. While you can wager as little as $0.01 per spin, you can only wager a maximum of $20.00 per spin while playing the game. This can leave some gamblers feeling limited.

A Single Bonus Feature

The only bonus feature for this slot is the free spins round. Get three or more scatter symbols, and you'll unlock this feature. The bonus offers 10, 15, or 20 spings free depending on how many scatter symbols you have on your reels. There aren't any special perks during the free spins, but you can go through those rounds in hopes of getting a win without paying to spin.

Win Up to 12,000 Coins

There's no progressive jackpot with this slot. Instead, the best you can hope for is to win 12,000 coins from a single prize payout. This is the most valuable win you can achieve, and when you're wagering the maximum amount, the win is pretty valuable.

Bridezilla is an entertaining slot with excellent graphics, but it lacks features other modern games offer. When you play this game, you'll be relying on free spins and instant prize payouts for all your biggest victories. We wish the game offered a progressive jackpot as so many others does. Even without the mighty jackpots, this slot could be worth a playthrough or two.