Farming Futures Slots

Futures come up in the stock market, so do we have a game based on that dry topic? We’ve seen something like this before, but as it turns out, the title refers to farms rather than anything else.

This has some unusual features involved, so we’re going to take you through it here to find out what’s in store. Is this a slot game you’ll want to see at an online casino? Let’s find out.

Who is the developer?

This is another delight from Wager Gaming, so if you know of a casino offering their games, you’re likely to find this one among them.

Demo options for Farming Futures

It does have a practice alternative to the real thing, and we suggest beginning with this if you can. Some WGS sites let non-members play too, which is heartening to know.

Is this a farming theme?

Yes, it does focus purely on farming and doesn’t stray anywhere near the stock market. We’re quite glad about that really.

What sort of design should you prepare to see?

A far more basic one than you might think. There are simple icons here, nothing too detailed, and it verges on a cartoon theme too.

How to play the Farming Futures slot

Here we go then – did you guess that we’d have a seven-reel slot to play here? We do, and that makes this slot hugely rare. It doesn’t have any progressive jackpots to offer, and you won’t see any wilds here either. In fact, it is also lacking a scatter, so you just have the regular symbols here.

Should we expect tons of paylines in Farming Futures?

You might expect them, but you won’t get them! In short, this game has just nine li

nes. This does make it easier and more affordable to play, yet it also means there are combinations that don’t pay out on the set of reels. One element that does make this slot a little more unusual is that the lines pay in both directions.

What does it cost to play?

You’ll bet anything from a cent to $10 on this game, as those are the minimum and maximum amounts you can work with.

Paytable details are good to read first

If you are still unsure about playing this one, the paytable should help clarify anything you’re unsure of. This is the perfect way to see which symbols are more generous with their prizes too.

Are you looking for bonus features?

If so, you won’t find any in this game.

Free spins don’t show up during the action either

Since these usually trigger with the help of the scatter, we guess it is obvious that the game isn’t going to have any. This is about as big a game – and as basic a game – as we have ever found.

RTP info for Farming Futures

Unfortunately, we cannot give you any further details on this.

Our rating for the Farming Futures slot game

This is unusual because of the seven reels involved, but there is nothing else in this one to make it worthwhile playing. It’s fine for passing a few minutes if you like, but we’re giving it 5/10 as it is lacking in anything else appealing.

Check the paytable for winning details

If you do play, read the paytable first to find out where the prizes are and how much you could net from a few spins on the slot.

Play for entertainment first…

This is the best way to see how entertaining the game really could be for you.

Will you end up playing for real?

This no longer appears on many sites, but if you do find it, think about the prospect

of Farming Futures and the prizes waiting to be reaped from the reels…

Mobile access doesn’t look likely

As an older slot game from Wager Gaming, you’re not going to see much mobile action with this one… if any at all.