Christmas Tree Slots

This could qualify as the most unusual slot game we have ever seen. The Christmas Tree online slot game delivers an unusual appearance for sure, although there are some familiar elements appearing throughout. We decided to try it and bring you our thoughts and reactions here. Are you ready to trim this tree?

Which developer came up with this one?

This game comes from Yggdrasil Gaming, known for their own modern tree icon as the brand logo.

Does it come with a demo?

It certainly does, so load that first to see how it all plays out before reaching into your pocket for some real coins.

Delivering a festive theme

Not just a festive one either but a more specific one based on a Christmas tree. Well, the title did give it away, didn't it?

The design bases itself on a Christmas tree

You'll see the tree with various symbol spots to complete, divided from each other by strings of fairy lights. Look out for candy, angels, candy canes, Santa, and baubles, among other things. There is also a cheerful snowman bouncing around next to the tree.

How to play the Christmas Tree slot game

Here we go then - how do you play it? It doesn't look like any other game we've seen. There are six rows involved on the tree, with seven, six, five, four, three, and two symbols apiece, going from the bottom upward. There are no progressive prizes in this game.

The wild symbol is a snowy scene inside a bauble. It replaces everything except for the mystery symbol, which unsurprisingly looks like a gift.

No paylines under this Christmas tree

Or on it, as the game asks you to create clusters of five or more identical symbols to earn a prize.

Begin from 40 cents per spin

The 40-cent minimum is achievable by choosing bet level one. You can choose from many other bet levels going up to 13, which would give you the maximum $40 bet.

Make sure you understand the paytable

While the best way to work out what's happening is to try the demo, Christmas Tree also has a sensible paytable that explains the rules.

Bonuses in Christmas Tree slots

The game uses cascading symbols to give you more chances to earn prizes resulting from a winning cluster. Winning symbols vanish, as you might expect, with other symbols above them falling into their vacated spots. The tree then fills again with more symbols dropping into their places. This carries on if the process results in another prize, and it continues for as long as the prizes do.

You might also experience a miracle in this game. If you hit three or more cascades of symbols on the reels, you'll see a miracle appear inside the frame on the right of the reels. This might be a multiplier, bet win, or free games.

Meanwhile, that snowman we mentioned earlier might occasionally throw snowballs at the tree. If he hits a low or medium valued symbol, that symbol and all its identical ones change into wilds.

And even that isn't all. If you get some winning clusters and then no new ones appear, you might experience a Blizzard. This can drop between three and nine mystery symbols onto the tree. They all change into the same symbol, including the chance of a wild.

Free spins come from the miracle part of the game

If you manage to trigger the miracle that gives you free spins, you'll play those next. You might benefit from that snowman and his snowball throwing during this round too.

A decent RTP is on offer

The game offers a strong RTP of 96.4%.

Our rating for the Christmas Tree slot game

This is going to receive 10/10 from us. It's unusual, quirky, and really brings the

festive spirit onto the reels. All the bonus features also tie in with the season, so it's a delight to play.

Watch out for big multipliers in the paytable

If you manage to play a few spins of this game, you might just see how sizeable some of the prize multipliers can be. The more matching symbols you find, the better the outcome.

A great game to play for entertainment purposes

This is a strong game and one that we could happily play for a while with no issues - and no real bets either.

Play for real at Yggdrasil casinos

There are plenty of casinos offering a series of games from this developer, so watch out for this festive delight as well.

You can also play on mobile

For a chance to find a superb game to play wherever you go, download the mobile version of Christmas Tree slots onto Android or iOS.