Red White and Win Slots

Red White and Win includes two colors and a winning idea, but what does it tell us about this slot game, we wonder? We decided to find out more and to see whether this slot is worthy of a closer look. See what you think when you discover the facts about the Red White and Win slot game below.

Who created this game?

You may already know of Wager Gaming. If so, you can chalk this up to their roster as another of their games to try.

You should also be able to try a demo

Yes, they do usually have practice versions of their games to play, so that ought to confirm the presence of one here as well. We found it at a couple of casinos.

Did you guess the theme yet?

You may have wondered about red, white, and blue when you began reading the title. While it didn’t quite work out that way, you’re on the right lines regarding the theme. This focuses on an all-American type of approach, so expect to see some relevance to that as you play.

Design features in Red White and Win slots

Expect to see the Statue of Liberty and the US flag while playing the game. These are arguably two of the most recognizable icons they might have used in the game, don’t you think?

How to play the Red White and Win slot game

This is a three-reel game, so things are on the small side with this one. It still has a big theme and appearance though, as you’ll soon see. It also has a progressive jackpot, which we’ll cover in more detail in a bit.

However, we should make it clear at this point than you won’t find any wilds, scatters, or bonus symbols anywhere in the game. You can get a prize for a single Statue of Liberty on the line, with the same coming your way for a single eagle.

Don’t expect a ton of paylines here

There is only one in action in this game.

Can you choose from various coins to place your bets?

The simple – and perhaps surprising – answer is no. You’ll need to use coins worth $2.50 apiece to play this one. The only alteration you can make is to bet with up to three coins on the line rather than using just one.

Don’t miss the paytable

This reveals all the prize amounts and combinations you need to know before deciding whether to play the game, especially given the coin value in play here.

Don’t expect a bonus feature to appear

You likely already realized that would be the case, given the lack of a bonus symbol to find.

Is there an opportunity to snag some free spins?

No – this slot keeps things nice and simple.

RTP information for the slot game

Red White and Win doesn’t reveal its return to player details. However, as with any progressive slot, you can expect the jackpot to take a percentage of the amount, dropping the percentage lower for the rest of the game.

Our rating for Red White and Win slots

The game is fine for those who have a budget that fits the coin value. It’s also ideal for anyone who wants to play a simple game that comes with a jackpot. In that sense, this does earn 7/10. Those wanting a more affordable and complex game to play may rate it lower, though.

How to scoop that progressive jackpot

You need to find the American flag in all three spots on the payline to get the biggest payout in the game. However, the amount you’d receive would depend on the coins played.

You need to play three coins to scoop the entire jackpot – a bet worth $7.50 given the coin value. Two coins would result in 10% of that total amount, while a single coin receiving that three-flag outcome would give 5% of the total.

Can you play this one as a demo?

It doesn’t appear so. However, this goes along with the basic rule we’ve seen with other slots from Wager Gaming, in that the progressive jackpot slots don’t usually have practice versions to try.

Might you think about playing for real?

Consider it today and see whether that coin value might exclude you from trying the game. This is surely one for the high rollers, especially with three coins required to stand a chance of getting it.

A game for computer fans

It doesn’t look as if Red White and Win is available for mobile devices just yet. We’ll update you if this changes.